Written by Mrs Fun7

23 Jan 2017

Well to start off. I have this burning desire for days now to write this and share. I do believe many lady's on this site and others will share the same centement.

We all love receiving messages, private messages in Chatroom and comments on our foto's or video's. Think all men and women rather enjoy the attention of others.

But the thing lies with the approach and the manner in wich it is done. So many complain and please I am not generalising it to all men, that being approached in a crude and distasteful manner gets most hot under the collar and not the belt.

I do enjoy the communication in the chatroom as there is usually a variety of people and tastes. But surely before approaching someone do the effort to read their profile and preferences. Mostly the single and married men playing alone should realise when approaching a couple that in a message the husband might open the message and a "hello gorgeous " does not flatter him. As you need to understand you are sending a message to a couple and not a single lady....You need to treat them as a couple a union. Respect and manners just has proven to go along way. Like one message read. "Hello. I will bang your wife for you". Now how does one explain to that prick that my husband is not inadequate to that and do that good. We don't indulge in this for a lack of sex but for the arousing element of more.

Then in the chatroom men seem to think we are there for dirty talk. I do believe that one's profile would state if I had that need. We love banter in the pool but they sneak a whisper. Sweet message. You have a sexy profile and then are you horny? We're is your husband now? What are you wearing? What colour panties do you have on? What is your bra size? Can you squirt?

Why would I want to discuss any intimate detail with a total stranger? And ffs do you think this is a sex line? To me personally it is offensive. And you make it difficult for all the decent men on this site. Few women go on cam as the slugs hang around in the chatroom viewing cams and disgusting remarks via whispers. And so I set to not receive whispers. Now I miss some great gents with manners conversation. So no prick I will one by one tell you to go to hell and not be put out of my comfort zone so you can have a kick. And just pvt cam with selected. So think who you are burning at the end of the day.

Man up and be a gentleman! !!!