Written by Lekker stom

04 Jan 2018

We were at a club on New Year’s Eve having fun getting drunk and dancing . Wife was in a fun mood and flirting the all the time with other men. Wife was dressed in a black short dress and no bra on but a black g-string. My wife have nice boobs and very nice round dark nippels. She is very sexy and her pussy is clean shaved with thick pussy lips.

The music is playing and the wife is dancing . Next we hear 10 ,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 and happy new year was heard all over. I grabbed my wife and kiss her hot my Tung in her mouth loving the hot feeling . She turned a round and kiss some other man and he looked at me and ask is this your wife , yes i replayed . Wow she is hot and horny. Yup i can see i will be having fun .

By 1:30 am i can see she is a really drunk and see more men fondeling her as she dance with more men, i can see men feeling under her dress and she just standing open legs for them to feel. Not even trying to puss ther hands away. I walk over to her said time to go home i need to have some fun with my wife. She kissed me a gain and said i am going to fuck you so hard .

We get in to the car and i can see her pantie is move to the side i feel her pussy and it is wet. You can see the whit slime in her pussy. As we drive i noted i need to get petrol and she asked me for a water. We pulled into a services station. I asked the black man to full up the car and clean the front window. Went into the shop get the water and a coke for me and to pay for the petrol . I note on the security camera that the black man and his friend is bout at my wife’s window . It looks like they are cheating to her and i can see her window is down . Next i note the man is reaching in site and in my mind i think that are stealing something.

I walk to the car after i paid and see them bout just talking to my wife . I got in and see my wife’s dress is well up on her hips and her pantie is down to her knees. I note the two black man have some big bulges in front of there pants . I asked the men you like whit woman the one man said i will like to fuck this one . The other one stick his hand back in the window and feel her pussy again. I can see he don’t care what i say or do. I told him i will park at the back of the services station.

Both men looked at me and said ok. I tald them to bring condoms. They showed me a thumbs up and i drive to the back of the garage. I can see 3 men coming towards the car. I note a young boy will say about 18 maybe 19 and the 2 men. The one man ask me how much to have her now i said noting you can play. The men went to the side of my wife and open the door wife look at me and said you sure you want this for new year. Yup i said and my wife got out the car pulle her dress up and off with her pantie . The young boy pick up her panty and smell it i can see this is going to be fun. The one start to play with her tits and the young boy on the other tit all the 3 black man pulle out here cocks all good size cocks. Wife strat to suck on the one old man cock i can see the young boy fingering her ass and the other man is sinking his thick black cock in her pussy . She let out a big cry and looked up at me and say he is fat. As he pulls out i can see the whit juice on his cock and then i notes he had no condom on. I ask him to put one on he looked at me and say no whit beach will get a condom with him and his young man pull out a phone camera and start to record the action. Wife look at me and said its ok let it be you are a lone. Suddenly my cock is as hard as it has ever been i see him pumping hard in and out of her. My wife making more and more noise. I can see him start to stuff up and i can hear him cum and the slap noise of a wet pussy full the air. The young boy was very fast to get in and he fucked her and with in a very few fucks he cum in her too. The other man was playing wither booms and shoot all over her face and boobs. All this on video. I ask them what are they going to do with this he smiled and said. You are going to give me your phone number and i will come and visit you if you don’t i put it on the internet.

Well i gave him my phone number ask him when he can delete the video. He said he will but he first want to show his friends he fucked a white woman .We drove home wife still shaking of all the orgasmes she just had ,cum leaking out on the car seats. We got home she had a shower and we had sex. Next morning i get a TX , i want to fuck her again.

That is a part 2 i will up date. Thank you for the read