Written by Canarie

19 Jul 2013

me: Hi hot buns

6:39 PM hellloooo

6:40 PM Hot: hi babes how are you?

me: I am awesome love, and you?

Hot: cool thx

6:41 PM so you sat down next to him and ......................

me: we're past that already...he pulled me closer....

and I let him determine the distance

6:42 PM Hot: listening

me: I wish you could feel the man's leg shaking as he touched mine - wow!

he put his arm around my shoulder and his other hand on S's leg

Hot: hehehe she was still in the ladies?

6:43 PM what did they look like and were you dressed as you said you'd be?

6:44 PM me: nope. this is now about 20minutes into the Bulls game

they are actually very good looking and pleasant people.

I felt comfortable with them the moment we met

we talked like old friends

Hot: you were sitting between them?

6:45 PM me: yes.

6:46 PM for a while. then I went to the bathroom and stayed on his side

that's when he put his arm around me and pulled me closer

6:47 PM Hot: aah and you were dressed in your denim skirt and no panty.......

me: oh yeah

but that he didn't know at that stage....yet

Hot: hehehe

and what was she doing?

6:48 PM me: he was stroking my arm, the side of my breast, while he was rubbing her leg

Hot: what was she wearing?

me: she was "ignoring" us. well aware of what was busy happening next to her

jeans and top

Hot: ok......

6:50 PM

me: I kept on crossing my legs...slowly...just rubbing my calve gently on his

then I ran my fingers up his leg...also slowly...with some delicate pressure

my eyes on the bulge in his pants

Hot: mmmmmmmmmmm and he had a hardon.......

6:51 PM me: I was driving myself insane....damn I wanted him!!

Hot: you were hot.....

me: when she wasn't looking, concentrating on the game, I pressed with my elbow on the bulge

Hot: and she was watching the rugby????

6:52 PM me: her eyes were on the screen.....

6:53 PM the one time I caught him offguard and he splurted his whole mouth full of rum over the table

I just sat back with that satisfied grin on my face

Hot: lol how did you catch off guard?

me: Stef and I made eyecontact and she smiled and nodded her approval

6:54 PM I opened my legs slightly and slid his hand up my thigh......

Hot: ooooh

me: no wonder he nearly choked!!!

Hot: hehehehe and you were sopping wet by now..........

6:55 PM dis she see this?

me: been to the bathroom 3 times by then to dry off a little

she did. that's when she smiled and nodded. she then teased the living shits out of him for not having control!!!

6:56 PM Hot: LOL


6:58 PM hello...... still there?

6:59 PM me: yip

was off. back

Hot: and.............

me: we finished the games and our drinks.

7:00 PM Hot: by now it was 9 pm.....

me: I was waiting for the invite to go back to their place, but I was TOLD we were taking my car back to place and going to theirs!

I loved it when they took control cause I knew they wanted me

7:01 PM and I wanted them

Hot: aaah....... told eh..........


me: we did as I was told and got to their place at around 10h00

7:02 PM Hot: and by this time they knew you had no panty.........

me: in the car they told me that S won't be able to play with cause she's on her period

Hot: oops

7:03 PM me: I was a bit disappointed, but hell, he surely was able and willing!!!

and I NEEDED to get laid!!!!


Hot: mmmmm you said so earlier................

7:04 PM me: we got to their place and he made coffee for us. we had our coffee and chatted for a while.

Hot: ok..........

me: he then got up, took my hand and led me to the bedroom

Stef joined and the 3 of us lay on the bed chatting for a while

7:05 PM Hot: you between them?

me: he then undressed himself and rejoined us

he was throbbing, and huge!!!

Hot: hehehehe

me: Yip, I was lying on my stomach facing them

Hot: you were still dressed

7:06 PM me: he then came and sit on my legs, giving me a gentle massage over my blouse

7:07 PM Hot: your back

me: jip

Hot: and she was doing what

7:08 PM me: playing with my hand

stroking my arm

chatting and laughing why he was sitting on me, my skirt pulled up slightly and his throbbin cock dripping pre-cum down my thigh!!!!!

Hot: still fully dressed both of you?

7:09 PM me: I have no bloody idea what we talked about!!!!!

her and me, yes

Hot: mmmmm and...........

me: he then pulled my skirt down


too damn slowly!!!

7:10 PM he then took of my blouse and bra

Hot: you still had your top and bra on..........


me: turned me on my side

Hot: fuck I have a hardon

7:11 PM

he then took my nipples into his mouth, gently biting it

Hot: you on your back now

me: I have no idea how he did that!! but shit, it was driving me insane!!!

still on my side

7:12 PM Hot: was she excited?

me: I then pushed him back and while looking him in the eyes, gently moved my body up on top of his

at this point she was still fully clothed - stayed like that for the whole evening

7:13 PM as I slowly worked my down his chest, his stomach he started moaning and shivering from pleasure

7:14 PM Hot: LOL I would too....................

me: As I moved down, I lifted my hand up to Stef who was sitting there, watching us. She held my hand as licked his balls..

gently at first. avoiding his throbbing cock and just blowing lightly on it once in a while

7:15 PM Hot: whooo experience eh...........

7:16 PM me: As i took him in my mouth, she moved down a little and started playing with his balls, kissing him

Hot: mmmmm you gave him a bj...........

me: I did

7:17 PM and while I did she was kissing him

Hot: hot

lucky man!!!

7:18 PM me: she went to the bathroom and I mounted him with a passion that made him go wild

I wanted to just tease him a little, but before I knew it, I had my first orgasm before she came back into the room

7:19 PM Hot: LOL

me: he then turned me on my back and started eating me

I was dizzy!!

she sat down next to me and started playing with my hands again while he was eating into my soul

7:20 PM Hot: oooooh that must have been good eh

7:21 PM

I couldn't stop cumming

Hot: aaaaaah shit I'd love that..........

did you squirt?

7:22 PM me: he was riding me like prize horse, my knees over his shoulders

7:23 PM Hot: horse eh.............

what was she doing at this stage?

me: he exploded, and I could feel each and every shiver going through his body

7:24 PM holding my hand, stroking my arm

Hot: wow

me: I wish you could have seen both their faces after that

It was as if a light have gone on in them! I even passed the test of not faking my orgasms! S had her hand on my stomach to feel!

7:25 PM he lit us each a smoke and we lay naked on the bed chatting

he couldn't leave my nipples, and was playing with them the whole time the 3 of us was talking

Hot: shit you're hot babes

I have told you you have awesome nipples...............

7:26 PM me: They only took me back home at 3

after I gave him a bj just to remind him not to forget me.

I've been invited for dinner wednesday night lol

7:27 PM

aaaaah then her period may be over

me: jip

Hot: jip what?

me: her period might be over.......


Hot: hmmmmm yea........7:34 PM

you gone again............

7:37 PM you seem to have left so I suppose I better go get something to eat..... :-(

me: no I

7:38 PM haven't

Hot: oh still there answering all your mails lol

me: busy on phonecall

7:39 PM mwah

Hot: ok babes chat later? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

7:40 PM me: won't be too long

wanna grab something to eat?

Hot: yes I am starving ....... you?

7:41 PM me: yes, but not for food....

flashbacks lol

Hot: hmmmm some hot meat?

7:42 PM me: boerewors!!!

Hot: aaaaah nothing like boeries eh ..... I saw they are Afr

me: jip

7:44 PM Hot: chat later tonight babes?

7:45 PM me: ok

sorry mwah

7:46 PM Hot: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

7:47 PM me: xxx