Written by shaun_jacobs

13 Oct 2014

I met this couple and it was our third time meeting. We were sitting having a few drinks at their house. We chatted for a while. Every time that she said something I just looked at her imagining how she would look naked. She got nice big titties, and the more I imaging how I'm going to suck on those titties I could feel how my penis is swelling in my pants. All this time she don't notice this throbbing erection. We continued chatting and enjoying the eve. Since it was a week night and both of them tired I decided to call it a night, still hoping they going to invite me to play. We walked out and when we reached the gate I gave her a hug and grabbed her ass. Her ass felt even better then what I imaging it. It was nice, not to big or to small, just the right size. With every squeeze I gave it the harder I got. I could not help myself anymore and asked if we can go back in the house so that I can give her a nice goodnight kiss without any prying eyes. Her husband agreed that I can return with her into the house. When we got in the house she gave me a passionate kiss and I again grabbed that sexy ass, squeezing it with both hands. She could feel me hard dick against her her leg. We continued kissing passionately and she stroked my dick through my jeans. My erection wanted to burst through my jeans. The kiss latest for about 5 minutes and could feel I can not control myself anymore, I wanted more and more. My erection told me that I need to get more, I wanted to just pull her pants off and taste her pussy juice. But unfortunately she stopped it and that we will have to continue it some other time. That night I went home, still with this throbbing dick in my pants. When I got home I thought of jerking off, but refrain because I want to keep this lust for or next meet.