Written by Dudley

27 May 2014

I recently started chatting with an old married fuck buddy of mine. we hadn't seen each other for about 4 years and it was great to make contact again. We arranged to meet for coffee at the little coffee shop across the road from my office.

She let me know that she was close so i went over. we meet on the pavement and i kissed her hello....

about my FB.. Lets call her A, she is married, blond hair, blue eyes, awesome big tits.

we sat down and enjoyed a great cup of coffee chatting about things, family and life in general. i suggested we leave as i had to get back to the office, and I walked her to her car. We embraced and i kissed her deeply, how the memories flooded back.... A suggested i get in the car and we go around the block to a quiet spot.... being the horny dog that i am i was in her car in a flash.

she drove around the block and we found a secluded spot.She pushed her chair back and asked me to kiss her again.I willingly obliged and i soon had her in my arms exploring her delicious warm mouth. I could hear her breathing getting quicker. I cupped her left breast and squeezed it through her top and bra. she broke off the kiss and asked me if i wanted to touch her.... Of course i said... she undid her jeans and pulled them down slightly to give me access and i slipped my had into her pants and straight down to her clean shaved pussy (i was impressed that she still doesn't like wearing panties...

Her Pussy was soaking and i had no trouble opening her lips and slipping my middle finger deep into her...... Her body shuddered through an orgasm and i finger fucked her. we carried on kissing and i didn't miss a beat fingering her. I asked her to open her top. Being a boob man i had to see her awesome tits again. I immediately took her left nipple into my mouth and sucked it, remembering how much i enjoyed feeling her nipples grow hard as i sucked them. all the while i was still fingering her and rubbing her clit. She had her head back and her eyes closed. she was holding my head at her tits moving me from one to the other. her his were thrusting as her orgasm built. She started letting out low guttural moans as i continued to finger fuck her and suck and nibble her nipples. She asked me to finger her hard, and i added and second then third finger into her soaking and tight cunt. Suddenly she let out a low moan and clamped her legs shut as she orgasmed hard, she pulled my face into her chest and almost smothered me.

She came down from her orgasm slowly and un-clamped her legs.... she was soaked through. i teased he now sensitive clit and she told me it was her turn to return the favour.

I tilted the chair back and undid my jeans, pulled them down a little and freed my rock hard cock. she wasted no time going down on me and took my cock into her mouth..... i was realy pleased that she hadn't lost any over her sucking skills....

I must admit that i only lasted a matter of minutes before i was ready to cum. i warned her and she just carried on sucking my cock. I cum started boiling and i shot a load into her mouth and she swallowed every drop.

Sadly I didn't have time to do anything else as i had to get back to the office, but we are planning another get together soon.