Written by Anon

19 Apr 2018

Well a few days had passed since I had met with samantha and we both had our minds and body parts blown! She messaged me during the day, where she worked , everyone had left work early and she had to work late, and she was scared to be there alone as she had to process a few thing's and check that all was ready for the next day . She explained that she had to physically check that the goods were ready to be dispatched from the warehouse and that the warehouse was very eery and asked if I could just pop around to keep her company while she finished up . So luckily I was close by to the warehouse and agreed to meet her as soon as I had finished my errands. Well arriving just in time she was busy attempting to move a,few large heavy boxes... and well being a gentleman I just had to help , idle chit chat was being said back n forth , talking about other people that were at the meeting the previous saturday, and how a few of the people there were very nice and friendly, a group of people who you could go away for a,weekend .well before we knew her work was done , and there we were in a large dark warehouse ,,absolute silence, was the first awkward moment, not sure how each other felt after that past saturdays sexcapade. But judging by her nipples that were showing through her top and the bulge in my pants I had to concede I wouldn't mind making a bit of noise in the warehouse....

She slowly undid her top button on her blouse, spoke a few soft words... I know you want to feel and see whats hiding behind my blouse. Oh gosh she was reading my mind again... my hands gently caressed her breasts as my mouth kissed her neck slowly working down to her nipple, taking a nipple between my teeth I bit softy, but hard enough to feel like a firm pinch... pulling at the nipple as my teeth held it tight... feeeling her nails digging into my back as my teeth teased her nipple... my hands now puling her waist close as she took a deep breath and let out a sigh of delight.... I knew my body was so ready to take her there, the only sound echoing thriughout the warehosue was my kissing and sucking on her nipple, she suggested we move over to the packing area as there was a pile of boxes which would be alot softer than the floor .... to be continued