Written by Dan_Kross

30 Apr 2013

So, you know of how I've met this guy the first time. Sucking him off in his car, losing my mouth virginity as I had my first cock-sucking experience through being so curious.

It wasn't too long after that where we had met again. We had several chances to meet, sucking him off in his car again and again while parked at the park. I even cummed in his car seat once as he jacked me off while sucking him. My pants was at my ankles. Hopefully no one from the neighborhood saw my naked ass through the car's window.

So, as we looked at how difficult the times were getting. I waited for a chance to be alone at home. Once I was alone at home, I contacted him and told him that if he was free, he should come immediately, knowing that I had only 1 or 2 hours of alone time.

He was on his way and while I gave him directions to my house, I started to strip naked. Removing my shirt, my pants, my underwear. Having my long hard cock stand hard and erected. I had unlocked the lock on the gate as he was really close nearby and I left the door unlocked. I gave him specific instructions to lock the lock on the gate as he came into the front yard, told him to close and lock the door as he came inside the house and head straight for my room, straight-up through the hallway.

He walked in my room, finding me on my bed, touching my cock as I was completely naked. His eyes gazed upon my body, examining my naked horny body and cock. He walked to my side, dropped his pants and I started to kiss his cock, licking it as well. He took hold of my cock and stroked my cock. It felt good having someone else play with my cock.

I sucked his cock, listening to his dirty talk. Telling me how good of a cock-sucker I am and rhetorically asking me if I loved sucking cock. He had taken his cock out of my mouth after a good long time of sucking it. He hit his cock on my tongue as my mouth was open, wanting his cock. He rubbed his cock on my tongue and then making me feelt it against my cheeks. I started sucking him off again and for a long period of time as well, feeling how he loved watching me suck him off and how he loved watching me naked.

Soon, orgasms were reached and I had cummed as well by his hands. He rubbed the cum on my body.

I had gotten dressed and he had pulled his pants back on. Helping him on his way out