31 Jul 2018

We made contact with a male on SH, Exchanged cell numbers and after weeks of chatting on watts up set up a meeting at our house.

Fire burning inside the Jukuzi room my lady N sitting having drinks when he arrived.

i met him and guided E into the Jukuzi room, he walked over to N and kissed her hallo

Sttting having a couple of drinks we ended up in the lounge, little hotter with heater burning. N and E sitting sitting next to each other, his hand on her legs. She left the room and on returning her jean was loosened , i asked her to come over and put my hand down her pants and felt her pussy was so wet, so i invited E to feel as well. Some comment was made about her pussy beeing wet and awsem.

We disided to go to the bedroom where she undressed infront of me while he was getting naked on the other side of the bed.

Me now fingers her wetness she came and lay beside me on her side of the bed. her legs slightly open, her beautiful naked body ready for what was to come.

E kneeled between her legs opening them, his touque exploring her wet pussy

Rest to follow if you want to know