Written by By Sexy Slutty Me #3

13 Apr 2017

i wake up in my dark room and he has left allready, last night sex was awesum, i need to have more sex now...i touch my wet pussy under the blankies...i play with my clit, fuck the feeling is awesum, i prefer though sumeone else to play with it...,

ok so here we go, i have fullfilled my fantasies over and over if you read my previous stories.,not proud of it as he does not know...

as he was waiting for me ova the road, stranger, chatting on here for a while...we walked together like long time friends, we stopped for coffee , i checked him out in the mirror..mmm im gonna have him this morning

we arrive at the apartment, we kiss, we undress....it was a cold morning, we planned to get into a hot bath and we did

we moved our naked warm bodies to the bed,

after kissing intensively, he touch my warm pussy and starting sucking my clit, i opend my legs wide and rest it on his shoulders..mm this was good, i love having my pussy eating. i felt him move ova my breast , his whole body was on top of mine now, he spread my legs open with his legs, i cud not wait to feel his penis inside of my pussy,,as he thrush it in, i cud feel it slowly thrushing against my walls, mmm, this was heavan , i massage his back slightly, ooh i cnt leave marks..,my hands go down to his buttocks as i squeesh it gently with his movements in and out, fuck this is yummy, this guy knows how to fuck my pussy, i dnt want him to stop now, it last for quite a while...mm

i feel his warm cum through the protection,,,,we lay in each others arms,,,we talk...i touch his awesum tattoos on his back...im still chatting away an hes ready to go again, im not complaining...

in and out...im moaning and groaning..,he turns me on my tummy, puts a pillow under my tummy, i know nw hes gonna fuck me hard , doggy style it is, fuck, u can fuck me all the time like this,,,,

cant wait to see him again..,

Ps : he wants my my other hole nw, shud i , try...

let me get backnto reality with my pussy being all wet now

and so we met like 3 times...on the couch.,quickies, doggy it its after i felt his hard penis in my mouth, i feel how his veins is doing this squeesing sound ,