03 Apr 2017

Movie night out with Cindy .......

So Cindy and I had a long overdue movie night this past Friday. Got home from work a little late, she was already pretty much ready. She was wearing a pair of her tightest jeans, (Cindy and I work out so it must be noted that you can tell she definitely squats! She has the nicest firmest ass that just bubbles out and begs to be caressed! Jeans only enhance that!) a tight black blouse that barely buttoned over her pert mouthful boobs and she had stragihten her dark brown hair to where it looked extra silky smooth. I hopped in for a quick shower and threw some jeans on myself. When I cam out she was on the bed putting on her high heels that showed her beautiful sexy hot pink colored toes and only accentuated her gorgeous round ass even more. I caught myself staring at her and also felt myself start to get hard. I quickly regained focus and got dressed.

The movie went well. We both had two margaritas at the movie that really seem to hit the spot. They had me relaxed and calm. I knew that if I was feeling those effect, she was surely feeling a good buzz. At the conculsion of the movie, with it not even 10pm yet, I suggested we go to a nearby restaurant/bar for a few more drinks. We got to the bar, there were only a handful of patrons in there, it being pretty late in the evening. We order two more margaritas. Our conversation turned into how hot I thought she looked when I got out of the shower. “We should have done something about it”, she said. “No shit, I have a semi and I have been horny all evening”, I told her. She gave me a devilish look and said, “me too, just change the hard for wet”.

My cock started to tingle. “You should go give me your panties” I told her. “Don’t tell me, I’ll do it”, she said. I gave her the I dare you look but did not say anything. Just at that moment, the bartender approached and asked if we would like another round. As I was ordering that round, Cindy said she was going to the bathroom and would be right back. When she returned she said, “you don’t know how much of a struggle that was wearing jeans” and flung her aqua blue G-string on my lap in plain view of anyone who was looking. I immediately grabbed them to bunch them up. I could feel a slight mositure to them which confirmed she was and had been wet. Instead of bunching them up, I tossed them back on her lap, “they feel nice and damp” I told her. She then picked them up with then hanging off her finger and said, “maybe I should air dry them then.” She waived them in the air for a good 10 seconds, so really, if anybody was looking, they were getting an interesting show. Mind you, we were only steps away from two good looking male bartenders. My mind was racing with dirty thoughts! We finsihed our drinks and paid our tab. The thought did cross my mind of leaving the panties for the bartendar, but I chickened out!

On the way home, I was rubbing her thigh and inner thigh. The more I did it, the more she relaxed and the more her legs slowly started to open up. It was not long that I was rubbing her pussy thru her jeans. Whenever I would glance over, her head was back and eyes were closed. She was definitely enjoying. I unbuttoned her pants to reveal her wide landing strip which angles to a triangle on top. I started running my fingers thru her pubic hair and then slowy pushing them more down to where soon, I could feel she was really hot and moist. I brought the moisten panties to my face and inhaled. Pure sweetness. I then put the panties to her face so she could do the same. I started to rub the panties all over her nose, mouth, and face. She told me she thought we should pull over, which I did. I found and empty parking lot and we parked.

“Turn off the lights” she told me as she reached over to unzip my jeans as she leaned in and gave me a very wet and passionate kiss. It did not take long for us to slide my jeans and boxer down my legs and have my cock standing straight in the air. We kiss as she grabbed it tightly with her right hand. We then unlock our kiss and she bent down and in one motion she opened wide and I felt her hot wet mouth and lips covering down all the way to the base of my cock. She slowly slid up while rolling her tongue. As she would reach the tip, she would slowly suck on the head before rolling her tongue around and around before repeating the whole move again. I think I let her do this about 20 or so strokes before I realized that I was going to pop soon if we contiuned. I pulled her up by her silky soft hair and we embraced in another kiss. I could taste myself on her now and was more turned on than ever.

I pushed her back on the passenger seat and pulled her jeans all the way off. It was now my turn for a taste. I spread her legs and went down to suck and tug on her wet lips. The scent of her pussy and hair was overwhelming! But the taste was beyond words. I savored every juice I could soak up with my lips and tongue. I knew did was not the best of positions for her since she was still sort of sitting. I came up and embraced her in another kiss so that she could now taste herself on me.

She then pushed me back to the drivers side and straddled on. She was so wet and I was so hard, that in one fell swoop, she squated down and all 8" of my uncut member was inside of her. She grinded and bounced as I sucked, tug, and squezzed each breast and nipple. Before we knew it, she had the unmistable rhythem going and was moaning and squealing. “I am going to cum fast”, she exclaimed as I grabbed and squeezed her silky smooth ass cheeks as she bounced on me. As she let out the high pitch squeal, not oly did I feel her pussy muscles clench my dick, I felt the warm gush of her cum. She manage to get a good solid 20- 30 seconds of contractions and spasms before lock me in another kiss while slowy grinding on me.

“I just want to bend you over” I told her. “Open the door and do it”, she said as she grinded away on me. Now it must have been the combination of the build up, what I had just seen her do, how I just heard her cum, the current grinding, and the fact that she told me to open the door and fuck her doggy out in the open parking lot, but it was too much to handle as it caught me by surprise. “I’m cumming!” I told her. She picked up her pace and deepened her bounce as I moaned and groaned as I filled her up with my jizz.

We gathered and slowly dressed. “That was HOT!”, she said. “No shit”, I replied. I gave her back the panties which had started this entire thing. I held them to her nose so I could see her smell them one more time. We were only 5 minutes from the house, so it did not take us long to arrive home and head upstairs. To my surprise, Cindy was ripping her clothes off again and reaching for her magic wand under the bed. She quickly got comfortable on her back, spread her legs and was working the vibrations of the wand on her clit. Because of the steady vibrations, my cum mixed with hers was beginning to ooz out of her. What a sight it was. She then turn over on all fours sticking her ass in the air while keeping the wand on her clit. I had to eat her out. As soon as I opened and ran my tongue on her, she went into convulsions! Our cum gushed out as I slopped and sucked her up. She frantically reached for the power button, gave me another long passionate kiss and then passed out! Moive night was a success!