12 Oct 2016

So being a total night owl I spent a couple hrs sending the young Miss Candice msg's trying to find out what she did and didn't like.

Turns our this gorgeous young lady had a slight kink and enjoyed the whole DDLG lifestyle and lucky me was her idea of a good looking daddy ( i'm no model , ex rugby player broad shoulders etc). So after telling her what i liked and what i would love to see her wearing when i arrived we said goodnight.

The next morning as i expected took forever as it usually does when you are excited about something .

After seeing the Mrs off and getting to work pretending to be busy for about 45 mins I then got up and told the lady at reception I would be heading to a meeting and could she rearrange any other meeting i had for that day as i wasnt sure how long i would be.

just before 10am I pulled up outside Candice's complex i called her phone and let it ring 3 times , the gate opened and i pulled in and parked where she had instructed me to the night before.

Not knowing what sight would greet me when she opened the door (knowing from past experience most women are full of crap when they say things like meet you at the door naked) , I hadnt wanted her naked not yet I was hoping she would be dressed just the way i had requested as unwrapping my toys was always my favourite thing growing up.

I rang the doorbell , she opened and immediately the smile on my face broadened from ear to ear , wow was all i could say there she was her tight 19yr old frame in knee high socks cute little white knickers ( normal panties , gstrings do nothing for me) and a tshirt long enough to cover her belly but short enough to expose her knickers. Not to much makeup and hair hair neatly tied into two perfect pigtails and to top it all off she gave me a cute little smile while sucking on a red lollipop and asked if i liked what i saw. You look amazing was all i could muster.

Now after the previous night and all the msg's that had flowed and pics that had been sent there was going to be no prolonged foreplay this young lady had teased me enough , I walked in closing and locking the door behind me , turning i pull her towards me and we kiss deeply and passionately my hands exploring her body pulling her towards me holding her squeezing and grabbing all her soft sexy parts, she pulls away and drops to her knees and immediately tries to free my cock , lifting her i say no not yet first its my turn i pick her up and she wraps her legs around me a sweet little butt cheek in each hand we walk kissing to her room where i place her on the bed and remove her top revealing her perfect 34C breasts with nipples standing at attention , reaching out i take each nipple and give them a playfull squeeze and twist before pushing her onto her back .

Slowly kissing my way from her breasts to her panty line I see how moist her knickers are as i trace my finger over her young snatch , grinning at her i hook a thumb on each side and slowly pull them down enjoying how her shaved pussy slowly comes into view , i then spread her legs taking my time rubbing the inside of her thighs , she sighs as she feels me kiss her pussy for the first time softly parting her to expose her clit I start my magic and lick tiny circles slowly around and around her clit , knowing Im doing it right by her moans and the movement of her hips , still licking i trace my finger down her snatch al slowly but deliberately slide it inside her timing my licking with my finger thrusts , she starts moaning louder and bucking her hips more , so i switch from one finger to two and change my finger motion to a circular motion never pulling them out as i start french kissing her clit and licking faster , suddenly she grabs my hair and tells me she is going to cum if i dont stop , saying nothing i go a little faster untill i feel her stiffen up and start shacking as her first orgasm of the day takes control of her body , kissing my way up i lingered a while nibbling her nipples while i gave her a chance to catch breath .

Pushing me over she finally free'd my cock taking her time and sucking me almost the same as she had the night before only this time I pulled her pussy over my face and ate her like a savage driving my tongue inside her then teasing her to see her reaction when i pushed my finger against her little anus and gave it a quick lick , she responded with a loud moan on my cock which almost found her rewarded with a mouthfull of cum , She stopped sucking only to say when you are done playing with my pussy you can do anything you want to my ass at which point i exploded in her mouth and like a good girl she swallowed every drop.

We lay there for a while kissing and groping each other before she sucked me hard and then mounted me grinding herself onto me then she spun around reverse cowgirl and started again only this time i had her tight little ass in front of me, while she was happily grinding herself on my cock i pressed my thumb against her ass and found myself suprised when i met very little resistance , so it went for a few minutes her riding my cock while i fingered her butt.

Then she got off and said she wanted me to fuck her , so i had her on her knees in front of me and slid my cock in her pussy , dont be gentle she said i can take it. my cock inside her i grabbed a handfull of hair with one hand forcing her to arch her back allowing me deeper in her , my other hand wrapped around her throat i started to fuck her harder and harder long deep thrusts , im going to cum she squeeled as she stiffened on my cock , holding inside her till she stopped i pulled out and used my fingers to spread her pussy juice over her butt , she moaned and said yes daddy please cum in my ass, not needing a second invitation i slowly entered her ass and started fucking her before long she was meeting my thrusts , getting close to cumming i grab her waist and slam hard into her filling her little ass with my cum .

I pull out and collapse on the bed next to her where i hold her close to me and we cuddle , she looks up at me with this puppy dog expression and says will you be my new daddy , I just smile and say we will draw up a contract cause every little girl needs a set of rules .

Candice is my little girl now we spend a lot of time together , my wife knows about my little girl and has even played with a few times , yes my wife and i both visited Tarryn a few times and yes i have been with her alone but those are stories for another time .