11 Oct 2016

.... after a quick chat and agreeing to try get away from work to visit her at home the next day , we swapped numbers , i waited a couple minutes for her to get back to the venue hall before i made my way . Luckily for me the Mrs was still dancing and by the look of her and the other teachers a few drinks had been flowing while i was away (good for me cause the Mrs gets very naughty after a few drinks) .

Sitting down i called the waiter over and ordered all the ladies (6 in total) a couple of tequila shots and had them sent to the dance floor when they arrived. Adjusting my chair to get a better look at all of them dancing I could see Candice watching me from across the way. Cheeky little thing was discreetly rubbing herself while watching me , under the table i whatsapped her and told her some of the things i would be doing to her the next day , she responded by sending me some very explicit pics of her tight little snatch.

Looking up i noticed my wife and one of her colleagues where getting a little touchy with each other but thinking nothing of it i just kept looking at Candice's pics for a bit. About 10 minutes later my wife came over and told me she is ready to go but could we give her friend a lift as she'd had to much to drink . So after saying the good byes that needed to be said and winking at Candice the three of us made our way to my car . Tarryn my wifes friend took a couple minutes to make sure her car was locked and nothing of value was lying around ( wasnt needed as it would be locked inside right next to security). The 10 minute drive to her house went by quickly and slightly uncomfortably for me as my wife had her hand on my crotch rubbing me the entire way all the while chatting loudly with her friend. Tarryn invited us in for a drink and strangely and out of character my wife agreed . Sitting down in front of the telly the two of them moved to the kitchen to poor the drinks , 5 minutes later I wondered what was taking so long and walked into the kitchen. The sight that greeted me had me hard in an instant , there my innocent little teacher of a wife was on her knees eating Tarryn like there was no tomorrow . Mesmerised i couldn't move till she looked up and told me to come over . She pulled my hard cock free and guided it to her freinds mouth using her hand on the back of Tarryns head to work her lips up and down my shaft. Tarryn took over and clumsily at first started massaging my balls while deep throating and sucking me in time with my wifes tongue movements on her clit.

Before long i felt the tell tale signs that i was about to cum and i voiced my concern to Tarryn who was about to stop when my wife joined her and the two of them finished me off then kissed each other. it was at this stage my wife went a little wild , almost primal pulling Tarryn to her feet and then heading to the bedroom me slowly pulling up the rear eager to see what was about to happen .

The two of them started kissing and touching each other , the kind of kissing where you cant get enough or close enough to each other , I slipped onto the bed and slid a finger into each of them enjoying their wetness . My wife turned to me and said "well what are you waiting for my friends not going to fuck herself" I needed no second invitation and pulled Tarryn onto her knees and drove hard into her as my wife positioned herself so Tarryn could eat her, Harder and faster i started slamming into her my fingers digging into her waist as i pulled her hard onto my cock , my wife looking at me lustfully saying things like yes baby fuck her fill her make her cum. I pulled out and lay down pulling Tarryn on top of me ( I love to cum inside a cowgirl) enjoying the feel of her as she slid down the length of my shaft , i then pulled my wife closer and on my face to eat her , the two of them kissing an touching while i lay licking and fucking , before long my wife came hard and slid off me laying there watching as i exploded and filled her little freind with the biggest load of cum i had ever fired.

We then finally had that drink and made some small talk before promising to all do this again sometime , walking out the two ladies kissed goodbye and when went in for a hug Tarryn whispered thank you and if i ever wanted a 1 on 1 we should make a plan .

After all that my wife fell asleep on the way home and the drive was long and boring untill my phone beeped and i opened a fresh new image from Candice with her finger inside her dripping wet snatch with a caption that read "cant wait till tomorrow".

Even after what had just happened I couldnt wait either , oh the things i was going to do to that 19yr old would make sure she never wanted a younger man ever again.....