10 Oct 2016

My wifes a teacher , she mainly teaches the matrics at her school and as such each year we get invited to the Matric Dance.

This year was strange as the dance is normally on a Friday but this year it fell on a wednesday.

Upon arriving and dodging the barrage of cameras and guests we made our way to the actual venue hall to find our seats and

let the evening play out. Being in our early 30's we always find ourselves sat with the younger teachers and lucky for me this years table had some real stunners to look at and chat to (knowing it will make my Mrs a little jealous and the sex at home would be a little on the angry side).

Pretty soon the kids starting streaming in finding their seats etc , it wasn't long before the formalities and speeches started.

From the corner of my eye i thought i caught one of the students giving me a quick flash , i looked again and sure enough she gave me a cheeky smile and spread her legs flashing her bald pantyless snatch at me. I swallowed hard and immediately felt a stirring in my loins.

Leaning over to my wife i asked her who the girl was , my wife's reaction was casual and she said that's Candice she's 19 and hardly ever at school , its a wonder she even bothered to come tonight ( so far i'm glad she had).

Smiling at Candice i turned my attention to the remaining speeches .Not long after the boring part and the food was served I got up to go get a couple drinks from the bar. I hadn't noticed Candice had followed me , cornering me at the bar she asked if one of the drinks i had got was for her , laughing i told the barkeep to hook her up with a few tequilas and i slipped him the cash and walked away.

About 20 minutes later some of the kids came around to drag my wife and some of the other teachers onto the dance floor , I used this opportunity to tell the Mrs i was going to drive down the road to get some more cash from the nearest atm .

As i got to the car i heard a scuffle behind me and before i knew what was happening Candice was there pulling me towards her kissing me like i was some kind of long lost lover , i didnt bother complaining i knew i wanted her and i returned the kiss . pulling away she asked me where i was going , so i told her . she immediatley got into my car and said she was coming with .

I had barely even got out the gate when she leaned over and started rubbing my crotch , she then undid my belt and pants freeing my now hard cock , FINALLY she said as she went down taking the whole length of me in her mouth , i have no idea how i kept the car in control as she sucked me like a pro , it wasnt long at all before i warned her i was about to cum , she didnt even pay attention she sucked me harder and harder till i grabbed her hair and watched in amazement as she swallowed every last drop.

I got the cash and we started back , she begged me to pull over in a quiet parking area and begged me to fuck her but we had already been to long and i wouldnt want to raise suspicion with my wife.

Fine Candice said tomorrow Im not going to school and you are coming to my house.............