31 Oct 2016

Friends had invited me over for a braai. There were four couples Dave and Gail the hosts Kevin and Jo, Grant and Kim, Collin and Fi and me the only single guy, so wasn't expecting much...or at least wasn't expecting anything. As usual the four guys were having a beer by the fire while the girls were chatting in the kitchen. things were going along nicely at least for me being accepted into the crowd chatting about sport usual braai banter, when girls came out to join us. Kim was rubbing he neck complaining about the Knots and the pain that was driving her mad when Gail said to ask me to massage her shoulders for her. "he's great at giving massages, he does shiatsu massages and will fix you up in no time" I was thinking Here we go again I'm going to be massaging till my hands fall off....... Kim's eyes lit up and came to stand in front of me while Gail took my beer and said "well don't just stand there...." I was a little pissed off but started feeling for knots and then started working on her shoulders after about 20 mins I asked how she was feeling as could feel my work was done..... she said she couldn't believe how good she felt the other girls should try it..... luckily the meat was done so we sat down to eat with Kim sitting next to raving about how strong my hands were and how I knew exactly where the knots were blah blah blah...

It actually turned out to be a good evening for me being the center of attraction. As we were leaving Grant asked if i could do a full body massage for Kim and he would pay me, so naturally I said yes. "Can you do it tonight?" he asked. I have a massage table at home and it wasn't late so I agreed.

Kim is quite tall and has a few extra pounds, but she is very attractive. I got everything ready while she stripped off her clothes a got onto the table completely naked. A tad unexpected for me for a lady to strip naked while her husband is in the room...... even when we're alone!!

I covered her with a towel and started oiling her arms and shoulders and started working on her hands moving up her arm and across her shoulders and then moved to her other hand and started with the same procedure up her arms and across her solders then moved the towel to cover her butt as I moved down massaging he lower back she let out a small sigh. As i was kneading her butt Grant came over and whispered " gently rub your finger over and around her arsehole....she loves it"

I was a little taken aback but did what he asked. he moved to the bottom of the table and watched as I gently slip my finger over her ass. She groaned and lifted her ass up every time my finger passed over her butt. Then the devil inside took over and I chanced my luck I put pressure on the entrance to her ass and she pushed up, with the oil on my hands and fingers, my finger started to slide into her... she groaned in delight so I pushed my finger all the way into her hole. I slowly withdrew and inserted my finger into her a few more times cleaned my finger and then started to massage the inside of her thighs, she slowly opened her legs for me to get access to her pussy but I was trying my best to miss her lips... by this time i had a raging boner and was trying hard to hide the boner I was getting. I looked across at Grant who had taken his dick out and was stroking it. Now I was feeling more than a tad uncomfortable his dick was huge and fat the type you see in porn movies..... he grinned at me and said "this is what we do for fun carry on with what you're doing and enjoy" I didn't need any more telling...... I slid 2 fingers into her, she was sopping wet and didn't need the extra lube from the massage oil I already had on my hands and fingers....... "yessss" she hissed through clenched teeth as I started rubbing the inside of her pussy pushing down onto her G spot I could feel the roughness of her G spot as my fingers found it and the wetness of her.

She had raised her but into the air her lips wrapped around my fingers squeezing them together I could feel she had a big pussy and judging by the size of Grant's dick she would need one to accommodate that monster.... I decided to go for broke and pushed another 2 finger inside her "aghhh you fucker" she grunted "now harder..." as my pistoned into her, I used my free hand to spread her her but cheeks and slid my finger into her butt ...I think think she went into overdrive as my fingers drove into both her holes..... my dick felt as if it going to bust I was so horny.

It has always been my fantasy to fist a woman, I had watched internet movies on how to do it but had never had the opportunity to try it...it was now or never so I looked at Grant and asked loud enough for Kim to hear too "can I try and get my whole hand inside her?" Kim just yelled out " do it now....I want to feel your hand inside me" Grant was grinning and nodding like the Cheshire Cat.........

I took my fingers out and pulled my pants down, there was so much precum that it looked like I'd cum in my pants.... I took some oil and oiled my hand and the back of it when I turned around Kim was on her back and Grant had mounted her, her legs were over his shoulders as he pounded into her Kim was in exctacy gasping "yes baby yes... fuck my pussy" I went around for a better view of his dick pistoning into her....then he stopped Kim was like wha wha why did you stop??? he looked at me grinning and said "go for it now" I asked him how big he was he said 25cm my eyes nealry popped out of my head "and she took it all" I stammered?

I got back to the matter at hand (excuse the pun) I opened her legs and started rubbing around her pussy then inserted $ fingers which she took with ease, then tucked my thumb under my finders and gently began to push. It was a little tight when it got to my knuckles and then it felt like a vacuum pulling my hand into her and then it was in....I cant remember much of what happened but when she came, it felt like my hand was in a vice her pussy contracted around my hand in spasm....I started to worry, what if i cant get my hand out??? after the convulsions ended I slowly pulled my hand ou,t there was a slight "plop" and it was out. Kim lay there breathing hard and whispering "how much did you get in" I replied "my whole hand and a bit more I showed her where my hand was still wet about 4 fingers from my wrist.......

Grant came over and rolled her over the table "you go in front of Kim and let her suck you while I shag her from the back" I needed no more prompting a literally flew to get in front of her "don't you dare cum until I tell you to" she said with a sly grin as she took me into her mouth and started sucking. I was in heaven and it wasn't long before I could feel the pressure building up and I pulled out of her......she looked over at Grant and said "hes ready baby"

Kim rolled over and onto the bed opened her legs and said to me "now you're going to do exactly what we tell you...you're going to stand in front of me and jerk yourself off and when you're about to cum you're going to put only your head in my pussy and shoot your load inside and on my pussy, are we clear?" I just looked at her and nodded. "good" she replied "when you're done, I want you to come this side so I can clean you up" I moved around in between her legs a started to jerk off as I was about to cum I pushed my head into her and squirted at the 3 blasts Kim shouted "pull out and cover my pussy with your juice" I did as instructed and sprayed her pussy area with another 5 blasts....there was cum everywhere... I staggered to her moth and and watched as she sucked every last drop out of me. When everything came back into focus, I saw Grants head between her legs licking my cum out of her it was such a turn on I started to get hard again Kim was sucking me like a Trojan, Grant was still licking her out. She took my dick out and said to Grant "now baby do me now" He stood up and started to pound her as she took me back into her mouth it wasn't long before Kim was shaking and sucking me harder until I couldn't hold back anymore and started cumming in her mouth. she sucked every last drop, as I stepped back Grant leaned into her and kissed her sharing my cum,pretty soon his hips locked as he filled her with his cum.

He rolled off of her and they both got dressed and left......he didn't pay me but he left me with an experience that I'll never forget..............