Written by Davelee

07 Aug 2015

We are currently in Turkey as I am on business n

My wife Chelle comes with me and tends to, well fuck around if I have to admit it!I must admit it though if you guys that love to watch your wife or partner enjoy a sensual hour or so and watch as your significant other enjoys a younger virile cock that shoots large quantities of sperm deep inside her pussy then you will love Turkey.

Tonight Michelle and I had been out on the town in Ankara and we had enjoyed several drinks with Chelle being more than wry but less than wasted, yet she had removed her knickers and was looking for some action in the bars we were frequenting. We ended up,rather the worse for wear staggering down a dark road when we turned upon an intersection and to the right. We saw a pink and purple sign advertising massage, Chelle asked if we could see if it meant the kind of massages she enjoys, and I agreed we should investigate.

We went inside and were met by two ladies who could not really speak English but we managed to communicate that my wife wanted a massage and I wanted to watch. Michelle was shown into a room and she came out with a robe on and promptly flashed me her tits and her fleshy shaved pussy. Chelle is a mother of two with a cuddly figure, and 44D tits with very large nipples and a bit of a rump but a great arse and a pussy that has swallowed many cocks , fingers and hands as she can take a good fisting.

So there I was looking a t Michelle as she flashed me her frontage as a guy came in and pointed to the door and we both went inside. There was a table and Michelle did no more than take off her toweling robe and hang it up as she lay down on the bed both the guy and me saw her pussy lips pout with wetness as they glistened with her wet horny juices already beginning to flow out of her pussy.

The guy asked Chelle to lie on her front as he laid a towel across her arse and began to kneed her shoulders and down her back.

He began to rub oil down her back but quickly began concentrating on Chelles bottom and massaged her arse really hard and moved the towel as Michelle moaned and groaned she was obviously enjoying it.

He basically looked at me and flicked his head to move the towel which I noded and he removed the towel and there was now no pretence this was a massage as he rubbed oil on his hands and rubbed it on Michelles arse and opened up her arse and her pussy lips opened wide and Daz pushed a couple of fingers into Chelles pussy from behind and she gasped as he roughly began to forcefully fuck her pussy with his fingers and rub her clit with his other hand. I knew Chelle would not stand much of this clitoral stimulation and I knew she loved to be finger fucked rough and hard as one of her fantasies, slightly realised and we willl share, is to be forcefully taken, it can be called other things, as she is a high power business women who loves to lose control and be abused but under some control unless she has had a drink and then, well she just loves whatever happens to her. Anyway back to tonight.

So I can see Michelles pussy convulse on Daz,s fingers as he fucked heresy and she came hard against his fingers.He did no more than pull down his shorts to reveal a decent size cock and present it to Michelles pusssy lips andulled her forcefully down the table and positioned her legs either side of the she of the table and roughly shoved his cock up her wet and very open pussy lips.

He began to fuck her cunt with very hard strokes, there's was no chance that this guy had any care or concern for my wife, his intention was to fuck her hard with his big cock and fuck her quickly until he shot his spunk up into her open and wet willing pussy.

He fucked her hard and Michelle moaned, she was loving being used, she was pissed,and getting a good fucking, Daz began to shout he was going to come and he began to shoot her sperm up my wife's unprotected pussy. His sperm shot inside her and he ejaculated a huge amount of sperm up and deep inside her. Flooding her unprotected womb with his young and virile sperm.

Michelle came hard as his spunk shot deep inside her. She shouted she was coming and could feel his spunk flooding her pussy, fuck your spunk up me you dirty bastard she shouted at him as they both came.

Daz,s sperm was now running down Michelles pussy lips and down her arse as Daz pulled his cock out of her pussy witha squelch as his big cock spent the last of his spunk on Michelles swollen and fat pussy lips, which were now covered in Daz,s cum.

I watched as Daz sperm drizzled out of my wife's pussy and ran down her pussy lips as I stepped up, rubbed my cock against her spunk sodden pussy lips and slipped my cock inside rammed Chelle for about five thrust and shamefully shot my spunk up her as she turned and looked at me and said make sure Daz is reasy to fuck me soon honey his cock really fills me up. Then you can clean me up..

I knew my place and sat back down as Daz rubbed his now hardening cock against Michelles pussy lips as his cock grew hard.

He turned her over and Michelle looked down at his hardening cock as he rubbed it all over her pussy lips and slipped it up inside her cunt, beginning the process all over again.

Sorry but I am going to have to go off and bother Michelle for a good old fashioned horny fuck cos my dick is really rock hard..

If you would like to know more we are both willing to share, but basically Michelle enjoyed a fuck filled pussy full of cum with me cleaning her up as Daz filled her again.

Let us know and we will share?

Dave and Chelle