16 Jan 2019

I was getting quite excited as Wednesday got closer.

I called Jill on Wednesday morning and asked if I should still come around that evening. Which she replied YES. And the door will be unlocked so just come in. I didn't want to seem to eager so at 17:00 I made my way to Jill and steves place. Once there as I was told the door was open. I walked in to find Jill naked laying on a blanket in the middle of the lounge floor. She said I thought this would be better than you setting up the bed. I asked if her back is still sore which she replied. It was never sore I just wanted a massage. I told her then let's get started. I oiled up my hands and kneeling at her head I started rubbing her shoulders and upper back. As I was doing this I felt her touch for the first time, she slide her hand up the leg of my shorts. And said I'm so glade I make you hard. Before I new it my shorts where down and my cock was in her mouth. Now that was the massage I needed. She continued up and down for a while then told me to strip, who was I to argue. I striped and lay down as told, then she carried on with the BJ. I grabbed her bum and pulled her over so we where in 69 and started licking and tongue fucking her. She was really doing a great job on my cock and I told her she better stop or o will fill her mouth with cum to which she deep throated me and didn't stop till I came. Wow what a great job. While I was laying there she carried on wanking me and kept me hard. Slowly she moved down my body and sat down on my cock taking it all in in one stroke. Wow my cock inside her and an amazing bum in front of me. What can I say I was in heaven, she started to ride me and I watched as my cock appeared and disappeared inside her I felt her playing with my balls as she road me. I was building fast to another orgasm. Then she leaned forward and I saw her bum hole. I wet a finger and slid it in. That put her over the edge and she road me like a demon fucking me with all she had. I didn't last to long but she kept going till she came. We must have fucked in every room on every surface and even in the garden that night. I got home around 02:00 in the morning. We had many more adventures but the best where when her husband was home. I even managed to fuck her a few times while he was watching tv. This carried on for about a year. With her weekly massage