14 Jan 2019

This is a true story that happened about 8 years ago. I did a basic masseuse course, as it has always interested me and I thought of it as very erotic.

The story starts about 2 months after I did the course. A friend comes to me and tells me his wife hurt her back and could I help. I tell him I'm not too experienced but I will try. He said he will tell her and we can arrange a time.

It was a Saturday morning. I got my portable bed and oils together and made my way to the house. When I get there a woman answers the door and introduces herself as Jill. I ask where Steve is and she says he had to work. I asked if I must come back another time and she said no.

I get everything set up and ask her to remove her clothes, just leave on her panties and bra and lay face down on the bed. She does so and I cover her lower body with a towel. I ask her where it hurts and she says her lower back, but the pain shoots down into her legs.

I begin with her lower back, starting softly and working into the lower and middle of her back. As I move higher up her back I unclip her bra, now rubbing from her shoulders to her lower back. I feel her starting to relax. With a moan every now and then. I ask if she's ok and I'm not hurting her?, and she tells me to carry on, but it feels like she has a cramp in her bum check. I ask if I can rub her there and get a yes. I pull her panties down just below her bum and start getting to work. She has a great bum and I try and keep it professional. But wow what a bum. I'm rubbing away and hear her moaning more and this makes me more aroused. I'm rubbing and now go between her cheeks and over her anus. I hear "yes, just there". I then run my finger again from the top of her bum down between her checks to her bum hole, and am rewarded with a shiver. I teaze her a bit by rubbing her back again. Then back to her bum but this time I add more pressure at her bum hole and feel her shiver and moan then I move down over her pussy lips to her clit and I'm rewarded with a big moan. I then remove the towel that is now over her legs and her panties. I go back to her bum and watch as she opens her legs. I start running between her bum cheeks with two fingers up and down over her bum hole, pushing harder every time. She is really moaning now. I use my other hand and rub up and down over her pussy. She starts moving her hips and moaning louder. I'm so caught up in it I slide a finger into her bum and feel her shiver and say, in my pussy too. So I slide two fingers into her pussy. I'm pumping away in her ass and pussy feeling her getting wetter and wetter. I then slide another finger in her ass and another into her pussy. This spurs her on and she's bouncing on the table. I'm hoping it won't collapse. I pull my fingers out her ass and she says NO. But I have a plan. I pour more oil on her bum and over my hands. Then slide the two fingers back in her ass. I then slide another finger into her pussy. Wow she now has four fingers in her pussy and I decide to try another one in her ass which she takes. She is moaning and moving around so much I feel her shake and says "I'm cumming". After she has cum she's laying still on the bed. I slowly start pumping my fingers again. I think to myself here goes. I push with my hand into her pussy and my whole hand disappears. Wow what a feeling. Then she screams "fuck, i'm cumming again". I turn my hand and pull a bit until I feel her cumming again. I take my fingers out her ass and begin fisting her. In and out, turning left and right, this goes on for a good 30 minutes and I lost count how many times she came. As she's laying exhausted on the bed I help her up and she gets dressed and I leave. Later that day I get a call from Steve and he tells me she is exhausted but feeling a bit better. I may need to work on her back a bit more.