Written by Mason2016

28 Apr 2016

This is yet another factual and true even story. Comments are welcome.

Anyways it was just a usual day at the office and was feeling a bit tensed in the shoulders and lower back. So, I decided to book myself a massage at a place not so far off from my offices. I booked myself a lovely full body massage with an Asian lady. So , I arrive at this venue for the massage and its completely secluded with high walls and security and once I drove in and parked, I was greeted at the door by one of the ladies or at least I thought it was lady who led me to a room and told me to get comfortable and wait for the lady I booked.

As this so called lady that led me to the room was walking out, she grabbed my crotch and smiled saying, its very nice and big and telling me she is a bit jealous as my masseuse is the lucky one. Anyways I sat there on the bed with the door closed and within two minutes my masseuse walked in wearing a white body suite skirt outfit that barely just covered her sexy ass. I stood up to greet her as she entered and her cute smile just lit up the room, her accent was cute as she spoke English and her skin was white and smooth like a porcelain doll. She walked up to me and ran her hand over my shoulders and down to my crotch and smiled as she gently squeezed and went, “Oh, is nice and big hey,” I just smiled and complimented her on her beauty telling her how beautiful and sexy she is. She slipped her top off to her tummy showing me her perfect sexy breasts as she undid my shirt and took it off. She then kneeled on the bed as she slipped that dress of and slowly slid her thong off while I dropped my pants and undies and got naked.

I stepped behind her and felt her sexy arse while gently brushing my semi hard cock between her sexy arse cheeks and she directed me to lay down on the bed on my stomach. She started massaging my shoulders and back and got all those tension knots out and surely relaxed those tense back and shoulder muscles. Then I felt her soft warm hands travel lower as she massaged my ass and ran her fingers down and tickled my balls. After massaging my back and legs, she asked me to turn over on my back. My cock was already responding to the tickle I had on my balls. She smiled as she sat over my thighs and ran her fingers over my shaft and balls making sure my dick was erect and stiff. She then leaned forward and started rubbing her sexy medium size tits all over my dick and also gave me a little titty fuck.

She then lay flat on me so that I could kiss her lips and her cheeks and slid a bit more up allowing me to suck on those erect nipples of her’s. She moaned as I sucked on them and I could tell she was enjoying as I felt the wetness of her pussy on my tummy. She slid her body down and took out a condom and opened it. After placing the condom on the tip of my cock, she went down and rolled it all the way down with her lips as she started to suck my shaft. She was really going at it as I watched her head bop up and down and then I felt her tongue glide down my balls as she sucked my nut sack getting me all hard. She then climbed over my waist and as she was about to direct my stiff cock in her wanting pussy, I took he by the arm and told her to bring that pussy up closer to me. She brought her pussy close to me and I gently pulled her sexy ass lower to my face as I started to lick her wet pussy and get a taste of her sweet juices as they began to flow out and I could hear her moaning as I kept on tongue fucking her. She stopped and me lied on her back with her legs wide apart and said, “Put in me, I want you to fuck me now,” and I positioned my cock at her pussy and I slowly pushed it in until my balls slapped her ass and she clenched her pussy tight as I felt cum with the first stroke.

I continued fucking my stiff cock in her pussy hearing her moan with each stroke and pounded her even harder and deeper until I could not hold back any longer and shot my load but due to me still erect, I kept on fucking until I felt her clench that pussy one more time and knew she came once again. I pulled out and she kissed me as she ran her fingers down and slid off the condom in a tissue and wiped my dick clean.

She directed me to the shower and as I walked in front of her, she slapped my ass, saying she would like to see me again.

The End.