15 Jan 2019

This is a continuation from massage.

Steve called me and asked if I wouldn't mind going around on Saturday as Jill is complaining her back is still sore. I get there on Saturday and to my disappointment Steve is there. After setting up Jill comes in and lays down on the bed. Steve has his back to us watching TV. I ask Jill where it is saw and she tells me. I begin again on her lower back as I start she moans and Steve spins around and asked if she's ok. She says just watch your sport. As I continue she says a bit lower, so I move her panties a bit and go lower. She says right in the middle there. I'm on her bum. O boy I put a bit more oil on my hands and slip two fingers between her bum checks. She moans and says yes just there. Steve turns and smiles and says, she said you where very good. Then back to the TV. I move her panties a bit lower and now one hand is on her back and one on her bum. I slowly start on her bum, between her checks over her bum hole and down to her clit. I know I must go slow I don't want Steve to get up. Now Jill's saying that's it just there and o yes right there. By now Steve isn't turning around anymore so I slide two fingers in her pussy and then over her clit she turn to me and looks. With a bright red face and mouths o fuck I'm cumming. I keep on as she shivers and goes limp on the bed. I pull my fingers out of her and slide one in her bum hole. I see her grab the edge of the bed and watch her knuckles go white. I say is that ok or must I stop. She says no carry on . I slide another finger inside her and start fucking her ass, keeping an eye on steve. As she climaxes I stop and say. I think that's it for today. I don't want you as exhausted as last time. She gives me a look and hopes off the bed and disappears. Steve says thanks Jill says it has really helped. Jill comes back in and I say maybe I should come on Wednesday. Steve says that will be great if I don't mind but hes away on business.

So I say if it's ok with him then Wednesday it is. (Big smile to myself) I get a call later that day from Steve and he says. I don't know what you did to her but we fucked like animals for an hour. I will let you know what happened Wednesday's if you like