21 Apr 2016

We were recently in Thailand again. Love that place. Anyway, we heard about the erotic massages that happen at some of the spa's and I was keen to try it out. Done some research on the net and found the perfect place. Wifey and I entered the spa and they presented us with a menu. We chose the Couples Euro Massage from the menu.

Two ladies escorted us upstairs to a room. There were 2 beds next to each other. The ladies told us to undress fully and lay facing down and left the room. We did as we were told and after a few minutes the ladies entered dressed in the tightest shorts and tops. One lady came to my side and the other went to wifey. They started the massage rubbing our feet and applying oil on us. They slowly worked their way up our legs and bums. I watched as the other masseuse squeezed wifeys ass.

After they were done with our backs, they asked us to turn over. My hard cock sprung up as I turned over. All of the ladies just laughed. My masseuse said, "you like massage." Wifey just gave me her naughty smile. My wife's masseuse then asked us if we wanted happy ending, I quickly answered yes before wifey could even say anything. My masseuse started rubbing me around my cock and then held it up and started stroking it slowly.

Wifey’s masseuse was rubbing her breasts and then started licking her nipples. Wifey was enjoying it as she was biting her bottom lip. Her masseuse then moved her one hand to her pussy and started fingering her clit. Wife made a small moan. Her masseuse then moved down kissing her tummy and thighs around her pussy. I reached over and started playing with wife’s nipples. Her masseuse started rubbing her pussy and looked up and asked her if she liked it. Wifey just nodded as her masseuse then started licking her cunt.

I couldn’t hold back any longer and shot my load all over my stomach. My masseuse continued stroking me and then wiped me off with a wet towel. She then went over to wifey’s side and started sucking on her breasts while the other masseuse was licking her pussy. Wifey was shaking and squirming and also came. Her masseuse stopped for a while after she came. I got up and stood next to wifey to lick her other breast. Her masseuse went back to work on her cunt while my masseuse and I was licking her tits. This continued for a while and wifey must have cum about 5 or 6 times more.