Written by pieterbigboy

11 Jul 2014

Mrs M asked me to give her a full body masage so we aranged a venue and off I went to meet her she asked me please not to tell her hubby because he has the green worm so we met up and I asked her to remove her clothes and lie down on the bed with a towel over her butt I entered the room warmed up my hands with baby oil and start to masage her body she was chatting away and told me how nice the touch felt I moved down her legs and as I do her legs at the top my hands sliped and touch her lips softly she made a sound and I thought its off limits then she said are you teasing me I replied no not at all then I asked her if she was happy with the service and she replied no I never had someone say no before then she said you haven't done the front I was smiling and said sure ill masage the front she turned around and I started with her shoulders I saw her nippels were hard and she wanted more I masaged her breasts and she made sounds again I thought my word does she like it or not then I moved to the legs again as I do the top part my hands slip again and touch the lips softly and then no sound only the words Stop teasing me and do it I want it please just do it so I slip in a finger her clitoris swolen she said please I need you to make me cum so I decided to add a little tongue she loved it and asked if she can suck me I had a huge hardon and gave it to her she sucked and I enjoyed every second so she asked me please put it in me so I did as I ramed her hard she screamed I'm cumming she squirted I never seen a woman cum like that the bed everything was wet then she sucked me off and I packed my stuff and went home that was a great experience .