Written by downtoearthguy

30 Jul 2017

I have decided that I should join the brave souls who tell it all on here. I love the variety of people and the variety of sexual interests and thank goodness there is a place for us all and hopefully without judgment to anyone's preferences and always respecting a no if its no or delighted in a yes lets meet if its a yes. I have been on this site for a while and perhaps given my profile and what I look for, dont get to meet as often as I would like but I have notched up 7 meets since I joined. Not sure how that averages out compared to others? Would love to know. I also am on an exclusive man to man search site and have had meets on there,but that is a targeted audience. I keep a diary..Perhaps I shouldn't but I love reflecting on the good and bad.

so here goes one of my meets Hope to get comments good or bad but intend to let go and post all seven..perhaps there will be an eighth and more... and I intend to be open honest no holes barred some were good some where darn right aweful.

Head over, Head in

My meet was a referral from a chap I was holding conversations with on SH. .The chap I was to meet did not have a profile on here. The brief was to get to his hotel early morning (one of the emperors hotels) and to take his cock and his load. no anal nothing done to me arrive take it and leave. I was given his number with permission and contacted hm expecting nothing. as in that way if nothing happens you don't get disappointed. He took a day to respond but confirmed I had been recommended and he wanted a male mouth and a swallower. Didn't want ping pong messages confirmed discretion needed no bull shit a married guy from Durban. I didn't know what he looked like but chap I was chatting to on here said he was a hot dude in shape. A day or so later I got the sms late on the night before, giving hotel and room number and confirming 6am the following morning. I was parked by 5.30am. One of those nice hotels that still allow you to walk into a lift, hit the floor button without having to ask or get permission as a non guest. I was nervous as always, but excited too. I knocked, he opened clad in his shower towel and very much the hottie that had been described, in his forties but early forties. often there is an awkward moment in situations like these but there was none. He thanked me for coming took of his towel and had woollies Au undies on, grey and a huge semi stand aching for exploration. He stood by his bed I knelt at his feet and began to touch his chest and stomach. his hands brushed my hands away gently. I got the message I concentrated on the sweet view of heaven in front of me his cock now visibly stretching his underwear and I wasted no time letting the woollies cotton fall to the floor. He was above average and uncut trimmed and I started my magic. I didn't think he would do anything but let me suck him till he off loaded. He moaned loudly and then his hands pushed on the back of my head and forced me to take his cock deep and he gave me a classic number of face fucking thrusts. I so wanted to hold his chiselled butt cheeks but thought better of it. I let his cock slide out my mouth him and suggested I lie on his bed head hanging off the side. Sure was all he said. i did as planned and I had a birds eye view of his chest and stomach before his cock found my willing open mouth. He lent forward across me at an angle careful not to be in line with any part of my body and he began a slow deep thrusting, I had to breathe carefully to ensure I manged to get some air into my lungs and then all he said was 'here it comes" It felt like he had just opened a hose pipe. I have swallowed numerous times before but he kept sending his married baby batter down my throat with multiple shots. I dont waste cum love the stuff too much. I had to swallow and breathe all at once but then again I am not new to helping a cock empty the balls beneath its shaft. He pulled out and stood up, his cock drenched in my saliva and perhaps residues of his fresh cum. He sort of smiled, I smiled broadly. Thanks I said, he said "cool" he let me sit up with him standing next to the bed and he didn't stop my hands touching his arse this time and I finished him off, my tongue and lips ensuring his cock was just wet not cum drenched. He saw me to the door and closed it behind me. I don't know his name. I don't pester, so have lost his number. All I know is that this encounter is what makes SH great!