Written by artsmart

02 Apr 2016

A girl friend of mine was taken an espresso the other day at her favourite hangout. It was one of those busy days in town. All the tables were full and seeing that things were picking up on the political front, there were some interesting conversations going down. While she was waiting for her order, she looked around her. She noticed one particular lady in the far corner, who was fumbling away at her smart phone. In front of her sat a guy who was reading the newspaper. A usual scene these days, except that this particular lady had taken one hand off the table and had placed it in her lap and then began stroking her thigh. My friend could see her thigh more and more because the lady was doing more than just scratching a mosquito bite or something.

She didn’t think more about it and continued to check out the land around her. Then her espresso arrived. She sniffed it and smiled before taking a small sip. It was a bit on the hot side, not like they do it in Italy. So she fried her top lip a bit. She jolted her head back and looked up right in the direction of the leg massaging lady across the room. Mama-mia!, she said. That girl was fingering herself and by the looks of it, no one in the entire coffee shop had noticed. The man in front of her just continued to read his paper, and the woman in front of him was fingering herself.

My girl friend, sat there licking her frazzled top lip while she observed the spectacle ahead of her. Not only this but she said that the sight was turning her on too! She had not set out that day with sex on her mind, never the less she had chosen to wear boy shorts because they were much more comfortable. Now she sat there getting hornier and hornier. She knew that at this rate, her own wetness might begin soaking through onto her dress. She squinted down and saw that fortunately she was not sitting on her dress. She slipped a hand in there quickly to check. The seat had captured her juice. She pulled it out quickly, hoping that no one would see her. She’s not an exhibitionist. The other lady, must’ve been an exhibitionist seeing the way that she was carrying on.

By now the lady ahead of my friend, had taken her hand up onto the table and was sniffing her fingers while peering into the screen of her smart phone.

It was time to go to the ladies. My girl friend’s panty situation was in state of repair. So she got up and made her way to the ladies room. It was available at that moment and she slipped inside, closing the door behind her. So was so fucking horny, she said that all she could think of was to lift up her dress, slip her hand into her boy shorts and lightly rub her juice all over her pussy. Her lips were full and she could feel her clit swelling. Mama-mia, she was soo turned on. Things got hot in there and she had to get those little shorts off before using three fingers to fuck herself. Picking up her leg and resting it on the toilet seat, she fucked herself until her juice oozed down her leg. At some point , she said, that she had gotten so lost that she did not notice someone peep into the door. It was the lady from across the room. Coincidence? Funny how things work out. She was caught mid-air so to speak. Next thing, this chick opened the door popped her head inside and whispered something like “Honey can I join you?”. My girl friend , just stared at her with post orgasmic sex crazed eyes and nodded. The lady came right in, knelt down in front of her and stuck her tongue into her wet cunt, licking her puss until she squirted all over the show. Then the lady got up, looked her in the eyes and said “now that was something, honey”, gave her a peck on the lips, turned around and went out of the toilet. My girlfriend wiped herself quickly and left the room to see where this lady had gotten to. But, she said, she never saw her again. Can you believe it.