06 Oct 2018

Hi i am a cross dresser and i was looking for fun one day a guy on this site sent me a message we chat and decided to meet at a guest house

So i got there early got dressed make up and looked hot i waited on him i heard the door open and he walked in closed the door and look at me and said your mine now

He walked to the bed and took me in his arms my wig i had on was black and long he rub his fingers through my hair and start kissing me hard and his one hand on my neck other one on my ass cheeck squesing it hard

I then felt him pushing me down and told me take out my cock slut and slap me two times trough the face .I took his cock in my mouth and start sucking him off he pressed the back of my head that i can feel his cock at the back of my throat and a gag he kept force on my head

He pulled me back and said that is how a slut must suck he then push me to the bed with my head hunging down and fucked my mouth like a animal a gag and he slap me with his cock in the face

He turned me around teid my hands with his belt to the bed post and started to use my asshole .First he fingered it and when it was bigger pushed his big hard cock in .I could feel my ass opening wide he fucked me hard and said il use you as the slut you are he pushed hard and fast

When he was ready to cum he turned me head stand on the bed and said open your mouth slut i did and he came in my mouth then he said swallow all of it i did it was warm and gud

He unteid me and said thanks slut next week same place same time be here so i can use you again

I am going to make sure i am there