14 Aug 2018

Not often one makes the time to write about experiences at home. This is the only time these words apply. Making love to my soul man. My love. The holder of my heart. People so feed on the experiences with others.

Life happens. Work, kids, one needs to keep the ball rolling. But never make the mistake to think not to keep the balance. After a busy day I got a message from hubby he was hungry for curry. So, he brought home what was needed, and I made the dish required. When our house became like a ghost town after all the kids went their own ways, he made us a fire in and poured me some wine. Our time. My favourite time of the day.

We had a date. He promised me one of his amazing massages. I headed towards the bathroom and had a warm relaxing bubble bath. On entering our room, candles were lit, and the massage bed was ready. Oil warmed. As I laid there he with love and care made sure not a knot in my shoulders were untouched. Making sure my whole body was relaxed and succumbed to him. He went down and started to massage my calves ever so slightly up my thigh. Upper and upper lightly touching my sex lips. I wanted him, but he withheld. Making my skin warm and crawling with lust. His hands all over me so tender and filled with loving care. He told me to turn for the front. But I begged to be released. He would not comply. Slowly he massaged my legs. Circling my breasts. Making me pant his every touch. I was wet and needed him. He likes that. He massages my inner thighs and grazes my sex lips slightly. My breathing escalates and my pulse races. No mercy on me. He is taking his time. Exploring my body. Heating up every sense my body has.

Finally, he starts to massage and stimulate my sex lips and clit. Being over stimulated and wanting this release of my body I cum in seconds. It makes him smile, he enjoys my body’s reaction to him. But the feel on his hands of my cum makes him wild. He picks me up and places me on our bed. My body still glistening with the oil. He slides over me, feeling his cock harden to the touch of my skin. That pulsing warm feeling. The human race did not create words to describe that feeling. The moment his mouth reaches mine. Glides over my lips. Kissing me as only a man crazy in love with his wife can ever do. Kissing me with a passion only known to us. Loving this moment. It felt as our bodies were dancing to a beat only heard by us. He was rubbing against me kissing every part of me. Slowly heading down to my sex. The minute his warm lips touched my pulsing clit, my body shacked and went into an uncontrolled orgasm. Loving it, feeding off my taste he continued. Total bliss. As he looked up, his eyes caught mine. Looks that words can’t describe. His body warm and wanting slid up to me and slid into me. Forcing me to gasp for a breath. The feel of his pulsing cock inside my body. At first, he went slow and gentle to make sure I am ready.

His lips never left mine. Kissing me like the first hungry kiss. Pounding his throbbing cock in and out of my body. Every pound made my back curl in ecstasy. When my body released a full orgasm, he pounded harder rolling with the waves of orgasm. Not letting one beat go. He continued what felt for hours draining my body before I felt his cock inside me expand to the full extent pulsing and letting go. His voice was horse like. While Cumming telling me all that he loves about my body. Making me feel like his queen. As he rolled over and gasped for air so did I. Thinking this was the ultimate. He cleaned himself and me. Then he rolled me onto my tummy.

He massaged my back neck and shoulders. Gliding his hands down the curve of my back. Putting some pressure on the small of my back then going back up to the middle. Adding more oil. At this point I was panting again. Wanting to feel the warm of his skin. He slid his hands up and down every movement going lower to reach my buttocks. This drove me wild.

He then went to my calves. Wanting to push his hands back to my buttocks. But deciding to be patient. He massaged with passion. When he got back to my buttocks I could not help but lift myself to meet him. He glided his body over mine. Making me feel his throbbing cock between my inner thighs again. Fuck that is so hot.

As my body was slick and panting for him he slid into me slowly teasing me with the edge. I lifted to meet his every thrust not to miss anything. Slow and sensual. Leading up to hard and Carnal. Loving the connection.

Hard and deep holding onto my body. Feeling my every movement as I felt his. He kept and waited till that perfect moment he felt me contract and we both let go. Feeling a wave of orgasm rush through my entire body. Feeding of feeling his. Ultimate ecstasy.