25 Dec 2016

A friend gave me a pair of those balls you insert in your pussy...OMG! I love them!

I went about my day yesterday (xmas eve) preparing and doing my last minute shop as per normal. After a while I needed the bathroom, located one and found an empty cubicle. In the cubicle, I couldn't help but touch my soaking pussy. She felt enormous! I really have a phat pussy and i love my pussy. She is responsible for making many men cry at what she can do never mind the endless marriage proposals! I quickly massaged my clit with my fingers...I heard footsteps and voices, I stopped. Fuck! I need to cum. I opened my bag and found my balls. I licked them and slid them into my pussy, one at a time. Fuck! I need a hot cock to ram me!

I stood up and felt for the balls, oh well they're buried deep inside, can feel them move about as I move. This will be interesting. I wash my hands and continue my shopping.

The balls are weird. They create this magnetic force in your loins and because they move around you have to keep you pussy clenched as they feel as if they might pop out but they won't so you are constantly aware of this sexual thing going on inside you - it's crazy good!! My pussy was soaked and I was sure everyone could hear the balls giggle about inside me. I could!

Stopped in the meat section, was having some cuts specially cut by the butcher, he was a nice looking man and even though I prefer a white collar guy, this butcher made my loins stir! The stirring makes the balls themselves stir and your horn level pushes up! Gosh! I was in trouble. I picked up everything on my list and headed for the till. Waiting in the long queue was torture. Every time I moved about so did the balls. Fuck! I rushed out of the shop as soon as I'd paid, headed straight to my car. I had to take these balls out. They were driving me crazy horny!

I reclined my seat, pulled my dress up, located the string, I pulled the first ball out. Goodness! It felt good. Wasn't sure I wanted it out. Maybe I could drive home and take them out then. I inserted it again and drove home. I couldn't concentrate, I reached for my pussy and massaged the opening as well as my clit. I needed to fuck, I needed to cum.

I stopped at another mall, drove to the furthest underground parking spot I could find, where there were usually no cars. I reclined my seat again, this time I spread my legs and started massaging my pussy, I was smacking my clit and having a big orgasm, I opened my eyes and saw a man standing next to my window rubbing his cock watching! I don't know what possessed me but I couldn't stop. I opened my legs wider so he could get a better view and really went at it. He was stroking his cock harder! He unzipped his pants and I saw it. A gorgeous pink cock with a big head. It was so naughty! I had another powerful orgasm as did he. He sprayed cum all over my window. When we finished, I opened the window, he let me touch it and I did. I was embarassed by what had just happened, I turned the car on and left for home.