Written by garfield_kzn

29 May 2014

being on the site for a few years ive met quite a number of cpls

most say..straight male

but my profile says ..bi curious ... because aren't we all curious at a stage ?

so I got an invite to meet a Cpl at their house fr drinks

sue and pat...not real names ..I am discreet afterall

they were already in the jacuzi when I arrived . he opened for me , covered with a towel

he took me to their back veranda where she was in the hot water

she was topless but had her g string on

both in their 40s but well looked after

her short cut hair looked real spunky

she stood up to greet me with a kiss ..wow what lovely boobs

I was glad to see they were not falsies .. but real ...nipples stood perty and proud

he gave me a drink and suggested I undress there as no one else was around

I did so and got in with them

we chatted relaxing in the steamy water

they started kissing and his hands were busy with her g string

she pulled me closer to suck on her nipples

I obliged with eager ...she threw back her head and pushed them even closer to my tongue

he threw her g string aside while fingering her now eager pussy

he was also stroking my cock at the same time

I wasn't shocked...but amazed ...she wanted to see my cock and I stood up

my hard on was now fully erect and she bent down to suck on me

she pulled him closer and both started to suck on my very willing cock

I slid 2 fingers in her pussy...geepers she gripped my fingers with her pussy muscles

and she groaned as she came loud...pumping and grinding her pussy on my fingers

she turned around for me to slip my cock into her real doggy style

she moved him infront of her and sucked him again

he told me to fuck her hard as she need a good fuck

I responded with eager

I wanted to hold back but she wriggled so much when I slid a finger in her assyhole

I shot my load deep in her cunt while she exploded again and again

he then sat on the bench and she went to ride him cowgirl style

she wanted to suck on me again

wow she couldn't get enough

I stood next to them ...and again both started to suck me

she played with my balls and slid her tongue up my shaft while he sucked on the head

I got very hard again as she was now riding him real fast and hard

we 3 got lost in the moment and before I realised it I came when she squeezed my balls

they both came also ...rocking to orgasm

I sprayed my cock juice over her tits

we went to relax in the hot tub again...exhausted

I slept over at their place as I had to leave early next day to work

she greeted me next morning with coffee and a suck on my cock

I was ready in a flash

she wanted a quick fuck...no foreplay

she lay next to me with legs wide open and pulled me ontop of her

we fucked like bunnies and both came quickly

after a shower I departed ...but not before I had to promise them to visit again ..soon

which I gladly did a few weeks later