Written by lovesex

04 Jul 2017

Just some background. I work for myself and can come and go as I please. Needless to say if you are one of those horny types

always on the lookout for sex this is perfect. Guess you can say I am one of those and always trying to make some plan or other and can entertain someone two days a week when the maid is not in and wife has gone work. Net result is I had this sexy

black girl who worked at the local bottle store that I was screwing once a week as well as two guys I would meet for some all

male fun. Being a total bi my life was well organized. To me this was all about sex and it really did not matter whether it was male or female. I also had a nice collection of porn which I kept locked up in my study desk drawer.

Anyway I would go home most lunch times for a bit to eat and a cup of tea. One monday I went home early for lunch as I had a meeting with a client during lunch time. On arrival home the place was very quite and maid was not to be seen. I assumed

she was out hanging washing or something and went straight to the bathroom. Needed a good wank and feeling very horny.

I noticed the study door was closed so I opened and wow there was Lucy. Overhaul unbuttoned legs spread wide fingering her pussy with all my cds laying on the desk. She nearly died of fright at the site of me and tried to pull her overhaul closed.

I dont think I have ever seen such panic on a persons face and she was trapped in the room as I was standing in the doorway.

Must say I was not to sure what to do about the situation either at that moment. Lucy asked me please not to fire her or tell the madam. I knew I could not tell the wife because then I would have to explain all the porn cds also so I told her to calm down. My brain was now working overtime. Anyway she sort of calmed down a bit so I asked her if she liked what she was looking at. She sort have nodded which I took for a yes so I asked her which one she wants to watch but she kept on asking not to tell the madam. I assured her that I was not going to tell but she must watch some porn with me in return.

I sat down at the desk and took one started playing the cd.

To be cont