Written by Mason2016

25 Apr 2016

All events below are true and factual as well as consensual. Please enjoy and your feed back is most welcome.

As you all know I have been on SH for while but nothing has ever come of it, not sure perhaps it’s because I’m Indian, don’t really know or care why I have never met with anyone from this site. Anyways, I do chat on other platforms and meet people from those chats discretely. This is a story of one of those discrete meets.

I have been chatting to this person on a chat platform for a while and we finally agreed to meet, you must know that I am an Indian male but very open minded and perhaps have a bi side. Anyways, this person, a black gentleman, well built and clean and neat and also a nice long cock but just perfect. Anyways, we arrange a meet at his place in the JHB CBD last week some time. I arrive at his place and up the elevator to his apartment. The door was unlocked and all the lights were off and curtains drawn. I could hear t he shower running so I locked the door and made my way into the bedroom. The bathroom was dark so I stripped off my work clothes and stepped into the shower, being so dark in there, my eyes could make out a shadow in under the water as I stepped in, the shadow pushed me against the wall and the next thing I know, my entire cock was in a warm moist mouth sucking on it getting me all hard.

The person held my hands back on my sides and I could feel their mouth working my dick getting me fully erect as they kept on sucking and then I felt them sucking my balls and tonguing me between my balls and ass really working that spot and getting me rock hard. The person gestured with their hands for me to turn around and the next thing, I felt their tongue on my ass hole as they rimmed my ass and tongue fucked and also sucked on my pucker hole. I could feel the person’s tongue slide up my spine and soon felt his cock between my ass cheeks rubbing passed my balls.

I immediately pushed my ass out and he tried to get his dick in my hole and it kept slipping out. He turned me around and went down to suck me and stopped the shower and then we dried off as we went into his bedroom. Once in the bedroom I lay on my back and he kept sucking my dripping cock and my pucker hole. He slipped on a condom on his stiffened black rod, lubed my pucker hole and started to fuck me. OMG, this guy fucked me like a machine, he fucked me on my back, then turn me around on my tummy and kept on fucking me and pounded my tight Indian ass and then eventually we ended up side by side as he jerked my cock and fucked me side ways until he came.

Eventually after 40 minutes of some intense fucking, he came and filled that condom deep in my now sore ass. He pulled out, allowed me to shower and thanked me for the great time. My ass felt so awesome and I just had the greatest ass fuck ever.

We still stay in contact and planning another meet some time soon, this we trying to find a women of any race that would want me eating and fucking her while he fucks me.

Any ladies interested, mail me.

Until next time, hope you guys shot a load off reading this and ladies, I hope you soaked your panties.

The end.