Written by orangeswingza

01 Mar 2013

This was an encounter we had last summer with Eric and Celine.

Wyfie and I were invited to Eric and Celine's place for lunch one Saturday afternoon last summer. We hadn't seen them in a while and it was good to know we'd be spending time again. We got there at about 12H30, lunch to be served around 13H30. Eric and Celine haven't yet kids of their own. They're both establishing themselves professionally, travel alot concerning their work and so weren't quite ready yet for the next step. Nevertheless, it was awesome for our kids, as Eric had got these small sized jumping castles and slide driven by air. He had also installed a set of swings and a trampolin in the garden, along with a mini swimming pool. Clearly, he had planned so that the kids would have everything to keep them occupied. It's true that once you got the kids sorted, as adults, you can then enjoy your evening, or else you spend the time parenting, which then takes away some of the fun.

We were both greeted warmly, kids too and ushered indoors, where we stopped at the bar, got drinks then made our way out to the back garden where we sat at the garden table, shaded from the bright afternoon son by an awning. Kids were thrilled to see that they had all the outdoor activity in front of them. They were over eager to go play, and at 5 and 6 years old, there is not much worth in convincing them otherwise. We let them go off and explore. That left us as couples time to enjoy each others company. I wore formal shorts and golf shirt. Wyfie had a summer dress with flat sandal. You could tell she wore a g-string but only just. Eric wore these three quarter trouser with T-shirt and Celine was dressed with summer skirt, shaped top and like wyfie those trendy designer type flat sandals. They both had limited make up. Who needs face paint in that heat?

Bacardi Pinacolada with pineapple juice and crushed ice was just what was needed to quench the thirst and take the edge of after a week at work and morninh shopping and taxing kids to their various sports or other activity. Drinks sipped, starters served, kids back and forth between table and their activity. Soon we settled down to our meal, seafood platter done with spicy rice and a wicked sauce I have to say. We ate, then spent some time indoors, helping Celine clear away stuff and Eric freshen drinks. It was then that in the kitchen, Eric came up behind wyfie, embraced her and said that he's been smelling her Coco Chanel parfume all the while, devouring her from head to foot with his eyes. His crotch pressed into her butt, hands around her and resting one palm over the other across her dress, just over her abdomen, it was clear that he was turned on.

Celine grinned, saying she guessed that Eric would be having 'desert' sooner rather than later! Eric and wyfie were out of line of sight of the kids. Celine and I on the opposite side from the kitchen counter, were in full view of them. Wyfie smiled and said that it was nice to feel his body against hers. She made no effort to resist his arms embracing her. Turning her to him, Eric went for her mouth and began kissing her, while his hands roamed her back, caressed her ass and eventually pushed up against her breasts, before giving them a squeeze, then reverting to her back. Eric then dropped to his knees, pushed up her dress and eased her g-string to one side. He leaned in and began to kiss her labia, drag his tongue along her vaginal slit and eventually encircle her clit. Wyfie leaned back against the double door fridge for balance, holding the handls to stead herself, as her legs probably felt weak, such was her pleasure from Eric's rampant tongue! Celine and I watched them in earnest, want to touch each other, but knowing we could not NOT risk either or both kids darting indoors. We remained rooted half 'keeping an eye out' and half enjoying the lusty display unfolding before our eyes.

Eric now had his tongue probing wyfie's entrance and her eyes closed, mouth opened and her head strained upwards, before she bit her lower lip. Then Eric began to fuck her with two fingers while he locked on and nursed her clit. Wyfie could barely stand straight and soon, her orgasm washed over her, Eric sucking and probing her even more. Satisfied he'd pleasured her, Eric got up, turned her to the counter top facing us, holding the top, he pulled down her g-string and spread her feet. Then he unzipped, his trouse dropping around his ankles, he dropped his sport underwear and spread her ass cheeks before bending his knees and then finding her slit with his handsomely erect cock, he pushed into her, slowly, she gasped her satisfaction. Then Eric, still slightly bent on his knee, stroked her pussy, thrusting harder and faster, half lifting her both feet off the ground by his dick violating her cervix. Eric gave it his best. After a another five minutes, he kept his cock inside her but pulled her back and pushed her to her knees and hands while bending down and kneeling behind her without breaking contact. her dress barely over ass, pushed back, Eric now found a new rythm. Her breathing grew irregular. His face contorted. He held her hips and pulled her backwards while he thrust forward. Then they both groaned, first him then her. Suddenly Eric stopped fucking her, he just held her hip, back arched and emptied his balls inside her. He kept a firm grip on her hip, kept his twitching oozing dick inside her.

I was so turned on, my dick strained in my shorts. I sipped my drink, placed it on the counter, and asked Celine to please continue to watch the kids. Going around to Eric and wyfie, I got to my knees and when I was ready, he pulled out, I inserted my cock, in one swift stroke from tip to hilt. We had to pull her back a bit, that way I could pick up where he left of, fucking her pussy into oblivion, while he went around the front, kissed her mouth, fondled her breasts and rolled her nipples. She instinctively lurched for his cock, kissing it, sucking it, letting him know she enjoyed his sex. My efforts behind were soon rewarded with an orgasm for her, heightened by his hands manipulating her nipples, mine teasing her asshole. Her vaginal walls began crushing my shaft and I soon blew another load up her tubes. Spent, I wanted to get up. Eric raised a hand, motioning me to wait. He slipped his cock out of wyfie's mouth and helped her up. He then informed her that it was her turn to watch the kids. Wyfie kissed him and got up, not forgetting to use her g-string, but also stuffing it with paper towel first, seeing as she couldn't go to the bathroom directly!

Eric 'summoned' Celine, she was game and came to this end, smiling at wyfie as they crossed in the hallway. Assuming the position on all four's, Celine now got my cock in her mouth and Eric hiked up her skirt, pulled her panty to one side and shoved his hard erection into her pussy. She was sopping wet from the show and didn't need any other form of stimulation. Eric having already orgasmed once, was now slapping his balls against her clit while her belted her pussy. Wyfie went out to check on the kids, but remained between us and them. My dick now back to full strength, was making it difficult for Celine to breathe each time I found her throat, I pulled out and went round to where Eric was slamming away. He eagerly pulled out, I thrust in and gave it hard and fast, revolving my hips, giving her a nice vaginal massage. I didn't want to cum. I wanted her to cum, so I pulled out and let Eric fuck her. We swopped cocks in her pussy until she orgasmed, intensely and a multitude of times. Then I had the pleasure of inseminating her, before Eric gave her what was left his balls after he'd pumped wyfie full of it. Celine was feeling the lust, the fire in her loins and she moved back against the cocks pleasuring her. Looking down, I said to Eric that we needed to take her ass. He pulled out of her pussy and slowly rubbed the under side of his cock up across her asshole. His cock quickly regained strength which allowed him a tight but slippery fit thanks to semen for lube! Again, we swopped, kept her sexy butt impaled. I think we came in her ass twice each before we neatened up and went out doors for a while.

Soon it would be time to leave. kids came indoors and were now watching some TV, while we had coffee. Eventually Eric said he wanted to show wyfie his new wine collection in the garage. Celine and I looked at each other, 'knowing' this has nothing to do with wine. Wyfie followed him to the kitchen then the interleading door to the garage. They closed it shut behind. It was about 20 minutes later that they got back, Eric smiling, wyfie adjusting her dress. Kirds were becomming restless so we had to leave. We said our goodbyes and left. I think the kids were asleep in the car after 10km. I asked wyfie what happened in the garage. "Oral then anal" said wyfie, "he is insatiable" referring to Eric. Then she asked me what we did with Celine when she went out to watch kids. "The same" I replied. We grinned at each other. We ended the evening soaking in the tub together. I frigged wyfie's clit while in the tub, I had to bring her off one more time. We were exhausted and soon went to bed. Sunday morning, I awoke to wyfie's mouth, her head on her pillow, turned facing me, level at my hip. I was on my side facing her in my sleep, but now very much awake. I made no attempt to disturb her or touch her. I let her feed. I eventually put a bit of hip into it, before I felt her suck and swallow. Then she came up and I spooned her from behind. I didn't feel the need to fuck her, but I just held her, enjoying the intimacy, hands over her and cupping her breasts.......we fell asleep again.