Written by Orangeswing

27 Mar 2013

Feeling horny, I decided to pay Claudine a visit during lunch. She was home and had just finished nursing her month old baby girl, now laying asleep in the cot in the other room. Claudine was glad to see me. We enjoyed a drink, during which I moved in and began to hold her and caress her while we spoke. She'd given birth over a month ago and her body was already in excellent shape. Her gyneacologist asked to give her vagina a chance to heal before penetration. I therefore, didn't expect to fuck her, at least not there!

Hands roaming her body, exploring her breasts and cupping her crotch at the same time made her moan. He loose fit clothing made access easy and I could feel her velvet pussy lips. Turning her to myself, I kissed her, explored her mouth and tonngue, then let her explore mine. I sat on a chair, sat her facing me over my thighs and filled my mouth with one milk filled breast, then the other. Have to say, I quite like the taste!

Claudine was horny as hell. I couldn't fuck her the way she desired, so I got up, sat her down and let her pull down my zip, free my cock and bring her mouth to it. Then, hands on my hip, I leaned in and watched her suck, slurp, bite(playfully) and lick my cock, shaft to head. She gave good head and I found myself now cupping her head at the back and fucking her mouth, occasionally exploring her throat. I felt like I needed to please her, yet her pussy was off limits, or was it? I took her to her bedroom, much to her surprise and when my mouth found her clit and my tongue her cunt, she gasped her approval and moaned her hunger! I gave her longest, lustiest oral pleasuring of her pussy until she orgasmed and then once more! Sensing her need, her lust, I decided to seize the moment.

I got missionary over her and kissed her, while my hard throbbing cock grazed her cunt lips and dug into her. She looked at me and tried to tell me that perhaps we should stop, but her mouth couldn't say the words and her legs hooked my ass instinctively. I pushed my head inbetween her labia, finding her entrance and slowly, very slowly inched my way home, locked up inside her. She moaned and said that she hadn't felt that for so long, not even from Stephane as he was respecting her doctors advice. I wasn't. I slowly fucked her. Small strokes, then a bit longer, then full strokes, taking time, making it last, giving her the pleasure she desired.

I kissed her mouth and fondled her breasts. Her legs hooked me in. I felt the seed boil and rise. Balls shifting and penetrated her deeply and began ejaculating. This seemed to push her over the edge. I never broke the kiss.

I kissed and ejaculated inside her hot cunt during her orgasm. Spent, I relaxed onto my elbows, kissing her, licking her nipples....all the while my cock nice and warm and trapped inside her semen filled cunt.

It was time to leave so I pulled out very slowly and watched the semen drivel out of her. Claudine sat up and reached for my cock. She looked at me and at the same time sucked it clean..."now you can leave"....she said.....and I kissed her and left....