Written by Lovers7441

09 Jun 2014

Today we could finally meet after 3 weeks of texting and phoning & of course the constant teasing that I’m going to find another fuck buddy if you don’t come and please me… I don’t need the emotion now…I just need a good fuck! You tell me “just you dare, you are mine!”

You meet me at my place lunch time & kissing you is like calming me down yet firing me up. I get undressed & go freshen up while you get undressed. I walk back into room & love to see your cock hard already! It’s raining & cold in Cape Town so we get under duvet first. I grab your cock & squeeze it hard, making you cringe but also kiss me deep, your hands just roaming over my body.

You push me over on my back & just push your cock at the entrance of my pussy a few times…knowing it’s all that’s needed to get me wet within a minute really. Then suddenly there’s no resistance & your cock slides in…and I just cannot explain the feeling, that “AAAAHHH” feeling when your cock enters me all the way & I immediately want to move against you & dig my fingers into your arm, but you tell me “ssshhhh baby”. But I need to be fucked…I tell you not to shush me & I wrap my legs higher around your waist & pull you in.

You start fucking me & all the 3 weeks pent up frustration starts flooding out & I moan and tell you “please yes, fuck me, I’ve missed your cock so much” & I meet your thrusts & kneed your skin on your shoulders & sides and arms under my hands. Your words make me cum almost right there when you say “god I love you” while you’re pounding away making me moan louder. But you pull away before you can cum & go down to my pussy.

No words needed I know I must spread myself for you so you can have your hands free. Feeling the tip & top of your tongue on my clit drives me insane! I moan again & tell you how I love this the most & it makes you suck & lick even deeper, grabbing my hips and pulling me back & forth. I start laughing almost as I moan from not knowing what else to do feeling this immense pleasure. You put your fingers inside me & feeling the stimulation on my clit & gspot is almost too much to handle & I give little shouts with each thrust….. I want to fuck you, but also don’t want you to stop! Watching your darker caramel skin on my milky white skin.

Unfortunately….we get carried away…me moving back and forth & you finger fucking me hard now, making it feel like I’m building up to a squirt…..BUT…..(and there are sometimes unsexy parts) I move too much & you are thrusting too rough & nick me inside hurting me & drawing blood (yes people…a pussy is a sensitive place!)

You are pissed off with yourself for spoiling my orgasm, but I tell you to just play with me, we don’t want to get blood in your mouth (sorry people, reality). I rub my clit while you finger me again…fast & deep making me moan again very quickly until I cum on your hand, but you look at my face as I cum, not my pussy. I tell you I want your cock in my mouth…and I turn you on your back.

Your cock is still rock hard (he gets so hard when I cum)…I suck you in completely, licking up and down your shaft, grabbing it with my hand & sucking at your clean shaven balls…you’re moaning & grabbing my hand & hair.

I love seeing you cum…but I need to fuck more. So I move up & easily I scoop your cock into my pussy and I sit up and start riding you, my pussy so sensitive I just give little shouts again each time I push down on your cock & you’re moving me back and forth as well by my thighs. I don’t know what to do with my hands…must I scream..must I slap you…must I scratch you, so instead I put my hands on your chest & dig my fingers in you as I throw my head back & ride you hard while I’m moaning & swearing & talking & moaning until I see on your face you’re going to cum & I really push down. You cum inside me with a moan & I smile at the satisfaction of it.

I bend forward kissing you…your cock softening & slipping out my pussy & you ask “wonder who’s cum just gushed down when I slipped out you..I couldn’t have cum that much.

I move my pussy over your soft cock…still getting pleasure from my clit rubbing on you & kissing you. Eventually I get off you after some chit chat & your cock is shiny, slick, soaking wet…& it is more from my cum not yours.

As usual we go shower together & off we go. Back at work though I am sore! But…still wet 