12 Jan 2018

Today being Friday I felt really restless whilst at work, I think the heat was getting to me along with the fact that I had not received a good orgasm in a whilefrom anyone. So I text this guy I had met on a site called Fetlife he has a profile on SH too, we met for drinks about a week ago and I knew he lived about 10 minutes from my place of work. As luck would have it he is home early and just as horny as me. I head over but lunch time traffic in town is hectic leaving us little time to have some fun. I arrive go freshen up and strip down naked, no time to waste. I come out of the bathroom and he is pleasantly surprised and strips down too. We kiss , head over to the bed and I start sucking his clean shaven white cock, so hard and ready. He warns me he will explode if I continue so he asks if he can taste me. I lie back , spread my legs and invite his tongue in. He licked and kissed my soaking wet pussy so good I was writhing with pleasure with every suck of my clit every flicking of his tongue in and out of my honey pot every stroke of his tongue up and down my wet pink slit. I could not contain myself and exploded. I wanted to return the pleasure but he had cum , bed wet he was so turned on by me he could not contain himself. Then off to work I had to go with a big grin. #Friyay