05 Sep 2017

So the Girlfriend called me this morning to say "how bout meeting up for lunch today?" As it had already been a stressfull morning I did not think twice. We met up for lunch at a nearby place, took a seat at a booth and ordered our food. While walking toward our booth, I could not take my eyes off of my beautiful woman .Although she was in office suite , her tight skirt could not help but to show off your smooth round ass and because the skirt came to right above her knees, her gorgeous muscular legs and calfs were looking mighty fine in her heels. I told her how hot she looked today and she told me "good, because I'm feeling horny today. I played with myself this morning, and even though I came within minutes, I'm still horny and need you inside of me!" Hearing this gave me an instant hard on. I told her that and she said, "good" while slipping off her heel and sliding her bare foot up my crotch. Grabbing her warm red painted toes was enough for me to recommend we take our food to go.

On the car ride home, she again slipped off her shoes and slid her left foot onto my lap while I drove. With her legs spread, she slipped her hand under her skirt as I carressed and rubbed her leg, feet , and toes. Her heavy breathing slowly turn into soft moans. While trying to focus on my driving I would sneak a peak and see her, head back, eyes closed, legs spread and her because her right hand was under her skirt, all that was visible was her right arm working in a circular motion. As we were pulling into our driveway I felt her toes curl around my fingers and her leg tighten. Her moaning told me she was now having her 2nd orgasm of the day by rubbing her clit. When her climax was over, she pulled her hand out from under her skirt. I could not help but to notice the tip of her fingers wet. I grabbed them and stuck them in my mouth and slowly sucked the delicious wetness off of them.

We raced into the house and up to the bedroom. She climed on to the bed on all fours with her ass facing me and raised her skirt to reveal her bright neon yellow thong that was absolutely soaked with her pussy juice. I left her on all fours while slipping her thong off and removing her skirt. With her ass I the air, I dove in face first. Her scent of perfume, mixed with her wetness along with her cum was begging for a taste. As I grabbed both of her ass cheeks with my hands I licked her inner thighs, up to her glistening wet pussy lips and up to her tiny tight pluckered ass hole. She tasted so yummy. I worked my tongue up and down her pussy as she rocked back and forth on her knees. My entire face was wet with her love juice.

She then spun around and-unbuttoned my pants where my rock hard cock sprung out. She quickly opened her mouth wide and devoured my average uncut 9" member. When she was not gulping or slurping she was working her hot wet tongue up and down my shaft, under my balls and even to my ass. After a few minutes of this she said, "I need you to fuck me!"

With that I spun her around with her back on the bed and legs up in the air , sexy feet pressed firmly against my chest, placing soft kisses on her toes as ,I rammed my cock up her tight wet pussy and started to pump away. With one of her leg on my shoulder and the other in my tight grip, I brought her pretty little foot to my face. As soon as I did that I told her "baby I'm not going to last much longer." She responded with a "fuck me!", followed by a screamed as I felt her juice gush all over my cock with each stroke. I pumped away until her orgasm was over and then pulled out with the intention of turning her around to finish in her doggie style.

As soon as I pulled out however she grabbed my cock and pulled it back up to her mouth. That was all I needed as my throbbing cock began to shoot spurt after spurt of hot creamy cum in her mouth.

We shared an intimate kiss and realized we both needed to get dressed and back to work. As we were getting dressed she tells me, "I could've cummed one more time. Here, hang onto these for me so you know what you need to do after work today!" She handed me her damp yellow thong. So as I write this, her damp lovely smelling panties are in my pocket and she is at work with nothing under that skirt but her beautiful love box, anxious for round 2 later today!