Written by anon

10 Mar 2013

The moment i laid eyes on you, it was like a thunderbolt had seared my senses...tall, lean, sexy, a smile electric!Those first uttered words 'Hi!.....was all i heard...focused on that deep, rumbling, sensual voice, all i could think was 'take me now! here!'....i was hooked! Here was a man who dulled my senses, yet made every nerve in my body stand to attention and longing... to be used.

Patience....not my strongest suit - but that is how it had to be. I met you at the hotel that night, nervous, wanton, ready and i was not disappointed, you proved to be everything i have longed for in a lover. That first kiss, so soft and sensual, turned my knees to liquid, my belly filled with fire....i wanted you! Your skilled fingers found its way along my body, your tongue teasing my innermost depths as you hungrily licked and sucked me...utter bliss. My body contorted in passion, i discovered i could bend in ways never before explored. My body betrayed me at every level, orgasms gripped me to the core of my soul, sending me reeling over and over again! The more my brain begged for mercy, the more my body wanted you.

Interlacing our fingers, you entered me, such an intense feeling of passion gripped me and i exploded! Feeling your beautiful cock fill me, was the ultimate homecoming. With every breath, whisper you turn me into such a powerful sexual being. Every time we are together, you fulfill my fantasies, my needs and you are PRESENT! It is now time for me to fulfill some of your desires and i hope that will be soon. In our world of fantasy, anything is possible, yours for the taking.