Written by James_Damons

28 May 2012

Thursday night, i got a phone call from this lady, telling me, that she has been booked of sick the Friday and asked me if i wanna come over, she needs someone just to cuddle her, I obliged as i was off on the Friday, so the next morning i got there she had dropped of her daughter at school so we were all alone. Got into bed with her, just holding her and so we started kissing. It was long before we were both so hot for each other and man we went at it. I don't think I've ever taken my clothes off this fast... So by the time my cock went in she was as wet as I've ever seen so i had no problems entering, i must be honest i almost blew a load as i entered, so i just asked her to lie still for a bit. So after my cock calmed down about we went on with it. We had sex twice and then both of us fell asleep naked. When we woke up, we went at it again. This time just once as it was time for her to pick her daughter up from creche. I ended up spending the whole weekend with her and her daughter. But Sunday was the best, we put her daughter to bed then we went to bed, by the time i got in the bed, she was naked, so i took my clothes off too. in the beginning i was just holding her from behind, but not long and she could feel my cock throbbing so she turn around and we started kissing and not long after that we went at it. So we were just lying there when were were done so i just start rubbing her boobs. So she got turn on she jumped on top of me and it took a couple of minutes for me to be hard again and within 10 minutes i kid your not, both of us came! 10 minutes! The rest of day we just chilled and i left later that night. I hope she will call me again.