16 Aug 2015

We couldn't take it anymore.

Stopped the vehicle on the side of a semi busy road.

She was gagging for her pussy to be fucked.

He short skirt was easy work. No knickers even better.

My hand met her pussy as she lent against the car. Her clit swollen and throbbing.

With in seconds her hands had my swollen cock. We kissed as we stroked each other. Her moaning getting deeper.

Her wetness filling my fingers with joy. My thumb working her clit over n over as my two fingers go deep inside.

Her right hand stroking my cock. Our tongues working each other.

She slides down to take my cock in her mouth. Awesome. Not forgetting herself she finger fucks her pussy while blowing me.

My back against the car pants at my ankles, her skirt up around her waist, her fingers deep in her own pussy.

Bright lights upon us. I feel nervous. I ask her to stop. She says NO. Driver can clearly see us. The vehicle slows.

My heart races. She continues to suck me.....He sees us and goes on. Makes her even more horny. Her fingers pounding her pussy even harder.

Her mouth filled with my cock.

She stands, She takes all her clothes off exposing her body. The chill in the air making her nipples harder. My fingers touch and feel. Cupping her awesome tits my tongue finding her hard nipples.

She whispers in my ear......"I want your cock inside me"

Another car approaches. She is not fazed. She opens the back door of the car. She leans in and says fuck me doggy.

Her nakedness seen by the passer by. Her ass fully exposed as the vehicle once again slows. Driver flashes his lights.

I remove my pants, walk over and slide my hard cock into her wet pussy. Never felt so good. She moans loudly as I enter all the way.

Her wetness, her moans, her sexiness just to good.

I hold her waist and start to fuck her hard. A third car approaches. I feel the need to stop. She says no once again.

Vehicle lights on bright. We are clearly in the spot light.

I keep on pounding her pussy as the vehicle stops. Its a guy on his own. He says nothing but watches me as my cock continues to slide in and out. I can feel my cock getting to point of no return. She pushes back hard as a hot load of cum fills her. We are spent. The driver of the vehicle drives on.

The best sex session in many years.