Written by James_Damons

16 Feb 2012

Wow i love being with couples. On the wednesday i got a sms from a guy responding to an ad i placed. Well we basically send pics to each and i was already aroused by his wives pics. So We arranged to meet that weekend. And what a weekend it was. We met, had a drink the 2 of them just started touching and kissing in the lounge, while i was just there sitting and watching them. Things got hot quickly and she took off her top and bra, revealing the most perfect boops i've ever seen. So they told me to come and feel while they were still kissing and fondling. So soon after that all the clothes came off, and i was standing there in my jeans. Still rubbing her boobs. Out of nowhere so put her hands in my pants and grabbed my dick. I almost exploded right there. TO cut a long story short, we were naked soon after that and her husband and i took turns ramming ourselves into her. She was so wet and tight, and i loved every single minute of it. We did it all over their couch and coffee table. it went on for 3 hours him coming me coming him coming me coming, i think i came 4 times that night. She was amazing, as soon as i came, she gave the best blow job ever and she brought back my erection so quickly. I thinks this has been my best couple experience ever. Can't wait for the next experience... This was my first coloured couple experience...