Written by lostandi

28 Jul 2015

It was my gay friends idea, online dating, and so it came to be that on Christmas eve, I was bored and waiting for a colleague, so logged on to the site.. In no time, a hottie started chatting to me ”Hi beautiful stranger” Back and forth we went, and very soon the talk turned raunchy. We traded selfies and dirty talk ensued. In his pics he looked pretty hot. We sexted until after Christmas and planned to meet for a drink and some hot sex.

On the day of our meeting, the sexting got extremely hot and when I finally walked into the bar, OMG, he was hotter than hot. Straight out of GQ! Sexy and with the most amazing body I had ever seen. A quick shot of tequila and we decided to go back to my place. On route, he sent me a text describing how he was going to lick and tease and drive his hard cock into me. I could not believe my luck, this gorgeous man with a body to die for was about to kiss me and ravage me.

At home, he came and sat alongside me. Few words were spoken. He grabbed my waist and kissed me hard. I was quivering in anticipation. I wanted this man so badly. He stood, took my hand and led me to my bedroom. No words were uttered. Slowly he undressed me and pushed me onto the bed. As he took his clothes off I gasped. I had never seen a body like this. Roughly he parted my legs and began to lick and tease my clit. I moaned and begged him to fuck me. But he continued to tease my dripping pussy. Then he plunged his cock into me, hard and slow. I came, screaming his name. He continued to drive his cock into me, hard and deep and slow, his mouth covering mine with blissful kisses. His tempo increased and very soon, he looked me in the eyes and came, his body shuddering like nothing I had seen before. It was incredibly erotic. “You were amazing” was all he said. Being mid-summer and hot as hell, we walked outside, still naked and plunged into the pool, me unable to take my eyes off him. Back to my bedroom we went, and fucked hard and fast this time. We came together , me once again screaming his name.

He left shortly after that. I was in lust. He was like a drug, I just wanted him more and more. Prior to our meeting, he told me to expect nothing from him, this was purely sexual. He just wanted to fuck me, plain and simple. Initially this was my intention too, but after our first encounter, he filled my headspace and all I could think of was him and the mind blowing sex. I texted him incessantly driving him away, yet I could not help myself.

We met a few weeks later for coffee. I had bought him a gift, an amazing book so poignant and what I thought heartfelt. He thanked me and we went our separate ways. But for me, this man consumed me.

About a month later I sent him a text saying hi and he responded with “are you still so horny?” Of course was my reply. Pity you are not home he said. But I could be I texted.

And so we arranged to meet at my place in 30 minutes. As I opened the door, my jaw once again dropped. He was in his uniform and was hotter than ever. Could a man get much hotter than this? Without saying a word, we undressed one another. He kissed me passionately and then moved down to my now dripping pussy and started eating me until I was in tears begging him to fuck me. And fuck me he did, me exploding immediately and then again and again until we came together. We lay beside one another “Hi, how are you?” was all he said.

And so every couple of weeks he responds to my text or the sexy selfies I continue to send him and then my “house alarm goes off, or my gate gets jammed” and I have to leave the office immediately to attend to this. If only they knew that in fact I went home to be fucked by this Adonis.

The excitement grips me each and every time he agrees to see me and I return to work, that “freshly fucked” look on my face, my pussy still filled with his cum. Each encounter thrills me and as I say to him, IT IS WHAT IT IS BABE!!!