Written by loslappie

17 Sep 2014

It was a Friday afternoon. I sent a message to a couple I had been with previously, letting them know that I had some time available this evening and was keen to see them again. As a naughty afterthought, I added the fact that I would be alone tonight, a “Loslappie”, as my partner was away for the weekend visiting family.

They replied, saying that they would be at the park where we had first met up. They said they were also keen to see me again. They suggested that I should bring some drinks with me, as they were already there enjoying a beer.

I quickly left work, taking with me the few beers I had there in the bar fridge, and drove straight there. When I arrived at the park, I found them standing next to the cars enjoying a beer, and talking with Frans, a friend of theirs who I had met previously.

I was aware that Frans had been a playmate of theirs; they had told me about an occasion when they had previously had some fun together, that same evening after I had first met him. Seeing them talking and drinking together, and knowing that tonight I had no time limitations, I started to anticipate being able to watch Frans, Sandra and Deon having fun together tonight instead. The conversation was pretty naughty, and it looked to me like Frans thought he was going to get lucky again this evening. Deon and Sandra, it turned out, had other ideas for the evening!

They started firming up the evening’s arrangements. The couple had earlier arranged to go to their local pub and dancehall a bit later, where they would be meeting up with Deon’s sister and a lady friend of hers. Frans wanted to join in, so he said he would go home, but then announce that he had received a “call out” and needed to return to work. Deon said that Frans should try to “get off” with his sister’s attractive friend for the evening. But first it was time for “us” to go home and braai. Having had a couple of drinks, I said that I should then get going, as I didn’t want to be in their way for their evening party with family, or impose myself on their braai supper. That’s when Deon told me – “no, my friend, you’re coming with us for the evening, seeing as you are a Loslappie tonight”!

As the beers were running out, I offered to pop up to the local bottle store, and get some fresh stocks. Deon asked if I could get them Brandy & Coke instead of more beers, while I got myself a few more beers, and also a stock of dry-wors to contribute as pre-supper snacks.

Frans went home to shower, Deon and Sandra and I went back to their place, we had a few more drinks and some droe-wors and chatted (nothing sexual), and braaied the steaks.

I was really keen to eat, as I had had quite a few beers on an empty stomach, but before we could eat (it transpired later that the idea was always to only eat “later”), there was a call from Deon’s sister saying that they were already at the pub, and where were we? So the supper was left in the kitchen, and the three of us set off for the pub in Deon’s car.

At the pub, Frans had also by now arrived, all clean and spruced up (he had stashed his clean party clothes in the boot of his car before being “called out” for a work “emergency”). I was introduced to the sister and her friend. That’s when we found out that the friend’s young daughter (maybe early 20s) was also there with her mom. She was tall and slender and blonde and quite attractive, and as the evening warmed up and she stripped off her jacket and undercoat, it was very evident that she also had a superb pair of firm young boobs!

We all drank a bit more, Sandra sitting between Deon and myself opposite the sister and friend and daughter, with Sandra and I rubbing each other’s thighs surreptitiously under the table, and pretty much everyone danced with everyone else through the evening.

As we enjoyed the evening dancing and drinking together, Deon hatched a new plan! As Sandra is bi, and both Deon and I are very keen to watch her enjoying herself with another lady, Deon thought we should try to arrange for the friend’s young daughter to come home with us (but without his sister and her friend knowing about the arrangement). When he put this idea to Sandra, she objected, pointing out that it was “much too close to home”, and there was a strong risk of being exposed, as Deon’s sister is unaware of (and would not approve of) their liberal lifestyle. As the evening progressed, and we all warmed up from all the dancing, it became evident that the young lady however had a bit of an underarm odour issue, and that confirmed in Sandra’s mind that this young lady would not be the one for her.

Some time deep into the evening, Deon decided it was time for us to move on, and we left Frans there dancing with the three ladies, still hoping that he would get lucky with sister’s friend (or even her daughter!). We went off to another pub not too far away for another drink, with Deon still looking for a suitable girl for Sandra to hook up with. Unfortunately he found nothing suitable, and eventually reluctantly gave up on the “two ladies” idea (but we’re all adamant it WILL happen at some stage!).

We drove back to their place, where Deon parked behind my car, very effectively parking me in. I expected that we would have supper, and probably some playtime together, but I fully expected to be going home to sleep. When I suggested to Deon that we should change the cars around, and me park behind him so that I could get out later without troubling them, he looked at me and said “you’re going nowhere, my friend. Jy slaap vanaand hier by ons”!

Deon went and turned on the electric blanket to warm their bed, while Sandra re-warmed the braai meat and put together some delicious steak rolls. We ate supper, with the Klippies and Coke handy, and then, suddenly, it was time for bed!

Bear in mind, none of this had been planned, and I had come straight from the office with my laptop and a few beers. I had no toothbrush, no toiletries, and of course no pyjamas! It turned out that that wasn’t to be too much of a problem!

We took turns in their bathroom, Deon and then me, Sandra last. I brushed my teeth using my forefinger and some of their toothpaste, and returned to the bedroom. Deon was already in bed on his side, closest to the window. I just stripped off my clothes, dropped them on the floor, and climbed in on the other side, naked, while Sandra used the bathroom. Their bedroom lights are on a dimmer switch, and Deon had turned them down low. They also had some gentle music playing on their ipod player.

Sandra came back from the bathroom, wearing just a T shirt and a very teeny thong. She faffed around a bit at her dressing table, and then came and climbed onto the middle of the bed, in the space between Deon and me, and slipped under the duvet.

So there I was, naked in the marital bed with this lovely couple, all set to spend the night with them.

My memories of exactly what happened that evening are a little vague, no doubt affected in no small measure by the amount of alcohol consumed, but also by the passage of time since it all happened. I remember that I was kissing Sandra and playing with her boobs (she had by now taken off her T shirt and thong), teasing her nipples while she stroked my cock (so she was on her side facing towards me), when she started to moan quietly and the rhythmic movement of the bed told me that Deon had already entered her from behind, and was starting to fuck her. I reached down between her thighs to rub her clit, and could feel every thrust as Deon pushed into her from behind. Before he came, he pulled out, and she said to me “your turn”. I fucked her in missionary position, until I came. And then Deon took over again, fucking from behind while Sandra and I cuddled and kissed. Her moans grew louder through her kisses as she approached her climax, and she then came with a lot of evident pleasure. Soon after that Deon grunted and moaned, and he too came with a great shaking of the bed! I remember wondering just how thick and soundproof their bedroom walls are, and whether the folks in the apartment next door were also being entertained (or kept awake!) by all this noisy midnight bedroom activity.

And so we turned off the lights and the music and drifted off to sleep, although it was quite a disturbed night, with the three of us lying close together in a relatively small bed, and people needing to get up occasionally to go and pee. But somewhere in the middle of the night I was awakened to some very identifiable noises and the bed gently moving, as Sandra was giving Deon a blowjob to coax him back to life. Once he was again upstanding, she rolled back between us, and continued wanking both of us. I responded by again playing with and sucking on her boobs, and soon Deon was again doing what he does so well! This time Sandra was on her back, with her left leg lifted, Deon lying at a bit of an angle across the bed so that our feet touched from time to time during his thrusting, and I had access to her clit. The electric blanket was still on, and the bedroom had warmed up so much from our combined exertions, that the duvet was not necessary. Although the bedroom lights were off, there was enough light coming in through the curtains from outside, and I was totally able to watch all the action despite the subdued light.

After they had finished we dozed off back to sleep, a sleep again disturbed by a bit of snoring and some visits to the toilet.

I awoke again with the early morning light entering the bedroom, and they were at it again. Sandra was wanking Deon again, and his groans of pleasure had woken me up. Sandra reached out with her other hand and felt for my cock, while I again started rubbing her very well lubricated pussy. Once again Deon took her from behind, and this time they went at it for a long time before he came again.

Sandra then decided she had had enough, her pussy was sore, and it was time to get up. She pulled on a robe, and went through to the kitchen, and came back with glasses of cold Coke for each of us, which certainly helped to take the fur off my tongue and teeth! I got up and dressed in the clothes I had been wearing the day before. With no toothbrush, I again just used my (washed!) finger and some of their toothpaste. And then it was time to say thank you and goodbye. Deon moved his car so I could get mine out, and I drove home wondering all the way at my good fortune in having met and struck up such an amazing relationship this lovely sexy couple. What a privilege to be invited into their bed!