02 Jan 2019

I was playing football in school and hurt my ankle. I had to walk home as we didnt have any transport in those days. I got home and my ankle was swollen. My mum was busy with some garments for some wedding that weekend. She was a home based dressmaker. She asked our neighbor aunty who was with her to massage my ankle for me.

I layed on my bed and she massaged my ankle but started flirting i was 17 and didnt know what to say as i was afraid she would tell my mum. Out the blue she took my hand and placed it under her dress on her undies. As quick as a flash my fingers where under the panties playing with her slit.

She continued massaging my ankle telling me how her husband comes from work gets drunk and sleeps not paying her any attention. The following day i came from school and my mum said to go help the aunty put up a picture frame.

I went next door to find the picture up already. Aunt said she used the pic as an excuse to get me there. She sat on the sofa lifting her leg revealing no undies. I stripped my shorts and t shirt whilst she locked the door.

She pushed me on to her bed pulled her dress up over her head and mounted my already hard cock.

It was the first time my cock felt the smooth warm wet silkyness of a wet pussy. I couldnt control myself and within the first minute i cummed. She was disappointed i could see it on her face as she climbed off me.

Too my surprise my cock remained hard and i pulled her back and climbed on top sliding my hard dick in all the way till i felt my nuts hit her. She wrapped her legs around me as i pounded her pussy as if there was no tomorrow. She cummed four times and i didnt cum again she was covered in sweat and asked for a break.

We looked at the time and decided we postpone till tomorrow. I used to lie to mum that im going to a nearby friend to study whilst i was endulging in my extra curricular activities.

To be continued.......

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