Written by Sub wife

04 May 2018

Rather recently my husband and I have started playing with a couple, and let’s just say things are different.

We have come to realize an entirely new side of sexual antics where you give yourself over to someone and they make you feel good without much effort on your part.

We went to their house for a drink and there we ended up from drinks to me being tied up and getting my ass spanked red. My husband the big and powerful muscled man I love suspended from the ceiling in a swing with his legs open and full glory to be seen.

Our hostess / dominatrix is a small petite woman but don’t let that fool you. Her husband similar to mine sitting and watching. She is

Giving me orders lick this suck that make make him hard for me etc. At one point I was thinking how the heck did I ever get here! My hubby is now out of the swing and she is sitting on his face something I would never do. Next thing I am licking his cock, balls and ass , her husband is told to get me ready for her strap on.

This is just me writing a few thoughts from the blurred experience we have had these last few times. We end the evening me with a huge smile of my face thinking I would never have done that on my own. Just some thoughts for now. I will sit down and write a proper story later on