Written by Ordinary_Sexual

10 Sep 2014

This morning you come in again & I'm wearing a silky nightie only. Helping you undress as we kiss & talk casually...but all casualness ends when your cock springs out & I get on all 4's on bed as you stand infront of me. I take your cock in my mouth starting slow & all the way down your shaft. Your breathing gets heavier & you lift my nightie up my back exposing my bum. You reach over and feel my opening with your fingers...still dry, but 3 rubs & I can feel myself get wet on your fingers...2 more seconds & you're rubbing my cum up my bum.

You start fucking my mouth as I feel your cock getting much bigger & harder now. I take the thrusts as long as I can until I gag.

I let you lie down on bed & suck you more, but squeeze your cock when you start fucking my mouth fast moaning, so you don't cum yet. I sit over you just rubbing my wet pussy on your cock, feeling my cum making you all slippery.

You ask me to tell you about the man I was chatting to who wanted to fuck me without you. I tell you how the other man wants to fuck me from behind, & how I wanted him to fuck me hard & deep, & I still might let him, coz I want another cock. You try and flip me over but I hold you down with force & smile as I scoop your cock in my pussy...and let it slide out again.

I climb onto your neck & over your mouth..telling you "I'm going to fuck your face now" & lower myself over your mouth as I spreas myself. Your tongue coming out & pressing against my clit as I move back and forth drives me insane. I ride your mouth harder & faster, you varying between licking & sucking on me until I moan and press down more but lift myself slightly again when you almost seem to struggle for air. So I find the right spot between your tongue & my clit & move back and forth telling you "I'm gona cum baby...oooh fuck yes".

I get off you & your chin has white cum on it, but there's no time to wipe it off because you're desperately telling me "ride my cock...RIDE MY COCK" & I hastily get on you & scoop your cock in me & do as you say. Seeing I just came it doesn't take long for my pussy to respond to the friction inside me & I ride you harder, moving back & forth, lifting myself slightly & slamming back down, moaning & grabbing on to your chest until I scream...hair & boobs bouncing as I keep fucking, clencing my pussy around your cock until my climax subsides & your moans also go quiet.

You ask me to ride your face again, but my legs are jelly & I'm out of breath. I tell you I need o catch my breath & as I wipe the cum from your face, you tell me you got so horny coz you could feel me cum...that it ran down your neck.

You put me on my back & lick my pussy again, sucking on my clit & using your chin as well...as I get to the point of climax you come up and quickly shove your cock in me. I lift my legs up & you are really giving it to me...slamming your cock in and out of me..it sounds hard, it feels hard, it feels fucken good. You start moaning & your face shows you can't hold back anymore...you thrust your cock deep inside me one last time & hold it there as I clench my pussy while you hold it in me, just moving very slightly now til you're all done.

you clean yourself with the small towel & spread my legs & wipe our cum from my pussy for me :-) & say "a LOT of cum today." We lie a little while talking as we stroke each others' skin unti you say "come...come shower with me"