Written by Sexy Lady

06 Apr 2015

My man works away for most of the month. He gets very turned on by me fucking other guys as long as I tell him all about it. He has asked me to also put the stories on here as it turns him on to think of other people reading them.

So here we go

So it was one of those evening where I didn't want to be alone at home just needed to be around people. I took myself off to our local pub as I know the owner and have been going there for year so I was comfortable going alone.

I was sitting at the bar. Had chatted with a few regulars commenting on that they hadn't seen me around for ages. When the barman comes to me and say there is a gent who would like to buy me a drink and what would I like. Flattered I say a glass of red wine please and ask who it was. He said he couldn't tell me but that he would let himself be known to me. He was very shy

So I sit there sipping my wine looking around at those by the bar. There is an oldish couple, a couple of rugby fans, a single white young guy and a single black young guy. I look at both of them and neither look at me. So I am rather confused. Eventually I look again and see the young black guy looking at me so I smile raise my glass as if to say thanks. He winks at me and mouths pleasure

I message my man who is currently away overseas to tell him where I am and what has happened. He answers saying that he has always had this fantasy for me to be with a black guy. The whiteness of me and the darkness of him. I giggle to myself as really how can I make this happen for him. The thought of it is making me rather wet‎.

So I walk past him and briefly touch his shoulder on way to bathroom.

When I return he is gone. I thought is strange but as I sit down and the barman gives me a note. I open the note and it says my name is Larry I am very shy but live just down the road I would be delighted if you could join me. Hope that you enjoyed the wine.

I think well this could be dangerous but hey this is a nice area.

I send my man a message saying I am going to meet and fuck a black guy. He asks me to get a photo for him

I finish my drink and leave the pub. I find the road and then the house. Shaking a little I knock the door. He opens it smiling saying I never thought you would come. Well here I am I say are you going to invite me in?. He stand aside to let me in and closes the door. I stop and turn to him kissing him full on the lips. We go into the house and chat for a while. Hands touching gently brushing each others bodies. He says would I like to go somewhere more comfortable and I say yes.

Off to the room getting naked yeah he is keen

I get on the bed we start by touching I move down to his cock take it in my mouth sucking away. Taking the length of his cock as deep as I can. I think of how my man would love to see this. His hand moves to my pussy. His fingers open me Playing with me as I a sucking him. My mind is thinking to much. His fingers are now deep inside me 3 of them exploring me finding my gspot. Fuck this feels good. I am in another world I cum. I now need to be fuck by this young stud. I need to feel his cock inside me. I ask him to put a condom on and he does.

I move on top of him somehow I need to ride his hard young cock. He is not huge and doesn’t fill me but I don't care it feels great to be riding this young mans cock.

He is amazed he looks at me I am ridding him imagine mr inside me

I am in another world all I think about it is my loves cock inside me but it's not him but this black guy. Then I realise so I get wetter he moves me to doggy and pounds away it's so good I can feel myself cumming again. He is holding my hips as he fucks me hard. He asks can I cum on your pussy. I turn over he takes off the condom‎. I watch him stroking his cock and I know he is close. Then he starts to cum on me putting his thick white cum all over my pussy.

I tell him I need to have a photo as a souvenir so I take one with my phone showing his hard black cock his hand still around it and the last drops of him cum seeping from the end. His legs either side of me a great contrast in colour against me white skin. My shaven pussy covered in in thick white cum.

We clean up and I get dressed thanking him for a great time. He looks and me and smiles I don’t think he can actually believe this has happened.

I leave and as I reach my car I send the photo to my Man.