Written by mrj8kyl

17 Feb 2017

(Decided to give the story section a try. Share some of the memorable moment I experienced in my life so far)

This one happened way back in 2006. At the time I was working as a live engineer, which meant we were on tour for months at time. From one end of our beautiful country to to the other... All the way , zig-zag across and all the way down. So as you can imagine it didn't leave much time for any real meaningful relationships. It did however had the other much more exciting side to it as well. Different towns each day, festivals, bands, music... and lots of fucking. This one of those tales.

It was a couple days before new years. We just arrived in Jeffery's Bay. Long drive, hot and still have to set up an entire stage and sound before sun set. Lucky it was just past 10 in the morning so first thing is first. Hit the beach cool down in the vast blue ocean and inviting waves.

As we were walking over the scorching sand feet burning already from the morning sun trying to convert the grains under out feet to glass , or so it felt. I couldn't help but notice this silhouette of of a girl sitting by herself . All I could see was her back and hair from behind and the yellow strap of her bikini top and bottom... My senses are hardly wrong. So as we passed her I glanced back to see what the other side of a beautiful silhouette has to ad to complete the picture...

If it wasn't for the guys walking next to me I probably would have wiped out and destroy any good first impression in one fowl swoop! Luck on my side I recover just in time to make it look less like a fuck up and more like a slide.

Even thou the sunglasses hid her eyes to not reveal what lies deep beyond, her perfectly tanned skin crossed legs and perfectly toned features were enough to to make any man knees weak in a split second. then just before I made my turn back to make my dropped jaw less obvious it locked on her perfect breast the filled up that yellow bikini top as the sun filled the sky in perfect morning. My instincts are never wrong,..

The cool ocean is bliss. Almost enough to make me forget about the world around it. But just not enough to cool my mind of that beautiful silhouette burnt into my mind like the shutter and lens burn an image forever onto it's film.

Can't help but gaze back. Mainly to see when her boyfriend, partner or someone joins her... but no one comes. How can that be? Or maybe she is there waiting for me, well let's see.

We had a stage waiting to be erected, but that wasn't the only thing with such intent right there and then. Luckily the cold ocean water is helping me mask mine. Only enough to to not look like an Olympic pole vaulter going for gold.

As we walk back I hear the guys talk about what they see as well all filled with the doubt you'd expect of anyone walking toward her. Intimidating yes. Inviting even more so. Chemistry wired like a bomb. I wanna be her fuse .

Those last couple of steps felt like forever. Trying to think of what words to use and how to achieve some sort first contact without a crash or burn. Without that final swerve away and abort all to head away like so many other probably would. Think... Think mthrfkr think... quick!!!

Fuck being cool... fuck thinking of words to utter... Fuck trying to be what I think she wants... Times up...

All I could do at that stage without literally crashing head first into her was simply kneel down in front of her. The words come out without me thinking. Simple straight forward. Nothing much. Nothing poetic. Nothing cool. Just a man meeting a beautiful silhouette.

Up close her beautify is personified in every movement, Her lips are hard to explain in simple words. But soft, fuller than most but just enough to not be too much. Every movement of those lips are filled with innuendos.

I try not to stare or seem to bothered by her features but it's all so magnetic drowning me closer in. Close enough to almost sense a polar shift occur and spin me out completely. But I manage barely to keep my thoughts and words on track. Only problem is the coldness of the ocean water is wearing thin as the sun burns down. Hiding my intentions seems to be getting harder.

With not a lot of time to keep a conversation for too long I simply say that unfortunately I had to leave as we have to complete the stage and sound check before the sun finally sets. I close of with an invitation to join me later at the bar next to closed of area for the festival doubling as a back stage VIP/Artist bar. I have all access passes as part of the crew and assure her that should I see her there when the sun has set she'll have all access to the back stage are and VIP bar.

That was cool. Very smooth indeed. Totally unplanned and with no intention behind it to try seem that I am some bullshit hot shot show off. Words that just came out simple, honest and real.

Hard work ahead and sweating away building the stage as so many time before but in the back of my mind I see the sun set slowly ticking away like second on a clock until the sun finally sets away. What will this night bring? I can't wait to see ...

To be continued....

Part two: Moonlight Silhouette reveal to me your secrets...