Written by Pan

25 Aug 2016

After my divorce I decided to live a little and registered myself on dating sites, I was soon meeting some interesting woman of many age groups, today's story is about a woman I met that lived in the northern suburbs. We met for the first time at a pub/restaurant in Belville one weekday evening after work. Nervously we chatted but I was mesmerised by her voice, the way she pronounced her "r's", they kind of rolled of her lips in a soft purr like growl, the sound alone was turning me on. I could already imaging the sounds she would make during love making. Her lips were juicy and indescribably succulent looking, they begged to be kissed. The evening ended with us agreeing to meet again.

It wasn't long before it became common for us to meet up during the day for a quick coffee, she was a rep and I worked for myself so we were able to co ordinate mini coffee meets with relative ease, admittedly in the beginning they were quick but as time passes we seemed to stretch them out longer. Both of us ,in my opinion weren't really into committing to a full time relationship but we clearly had some chemistry. Our chats after diverted into naughty chats while we sat in public. Many times we would discuss our sexual fantasies and often I think we were overheard, the looks we got from the tables close by seemed to indicate that we were overheard.

Our coffee shop chats were graphic to say the least, she would described what she wanted to do to me and I would describe what I wanted to do to her. Sometimes we would build a fantasy together. We had shared many fantasies, one was an escape to a forest cabin where we would make love on a rug in front of a fire place for a whole winter weekend, if only her son would sleep out we could escape. Unfortunately that never came to pass. One thing I so badly wanted to experience was that she had told me she was a squinter after I had told her that wanted a woman to squirt all over my cock one day. She told me that she would squirt for me, all I had to do was fuck her anally and she would most definitely squirt on me. I had never done anal or experienced a woman who squirted so that became one of my top desires immediately.

One winters day we met in a cafe near Marine Circle and sat upstairs on the couches by the fireplace. Her hand would creep up my leg and rub my cock every now and then just to tease me, soon I was very hard and had to sit carefully so as not to be seen. This was much to her delight and she continued teasing me. an old man at a nearby table noticed and was watching us out the corner of his eye, this only spurred us on to give him a show. We would kiss deeply, she would let her legs open just enough for me to slide my hand up and feel the heat of her pussy through her jeans. We started building a fantasy right there.

she spoke just loud enough that the table nearest to us could hear if they listened carefully and by the reaction of the old man I was sure he heard, as for his wife, i think she heard too but was getting angry with him for looking at us. Wendy said she wanted us to go for a drive, she was going to unzip me and pull my cock out as we drove down the beach front, she would slowly slide her hand up and down until i let out a drop or two of pre-cum, then she would lean over and lick it off.

At this point the old lady next to us called for their bill and they left in a hurry, maybe we had inspired them. We decided to go get a bit more of a stronger drink at another well known restaurant a bit further down that has lovely lawns over looking the beach. The weather was a bit cold so we ended up inside at the bar. Funny enough once again there were elderly peeps enjoying retirement snacks and coffee with fellow pensioners right there next to us. Once again we started talking about what we wanted to do

To be continued

Sitting at the bar on the high stools Wendy opened my legs and slipped one of her legs between mine moving forward so that her knee was up against my balls and , well, my one knee was pressing against her. The funny thing is how sensitive the skin on my knee was, through my jeans and hers I could feel the warm soft flesh of her pussy pressing against my knee. Her one hand slid onto my leg and slowly made its way up as she lent in. In her soft voice she said, " I want you in my mouth, I want to taste you" She had the knack of saying something soft enough for it still to be heard by prying ears and old folk have a way of hearing things when they want to. The table nearby feel silent, the old guy was breaking his neck to watch us and one of the old ladies was peering over her glasses. Well aware of this thrilling attention She lent in and sucked on my bottom lip, while her hand slid up my legs and caressed my growing cock through my jeans. Not to be out done, I let my hand caress its way up her thigh and the tips of my fingers gently dance over her pussy. She must have been soaking wet as I could feel the warm damp beneath the tips of my fingers as she groaned while sucking on my lip. "Lets take a drive so I can taste you she whispered". I called for the bill and as we walked out I could feel the eyes following us.

We got into the car which we had parked at the back of the establishment and drove to the front of the restaurant, as we passed the lawns her hands were undoing my zip. We turned and headed towards Melkbos. Before we even reached the first stop street she had my cock out and was stroking it up and down slowly. As I rounded the last circle and turned on tho the road to Melkbos she lent over, ducked under my left arm. I almost felt like I could loose control as the sensations of her warm lips kissed the tip of my cock followed by the warm sensation of her mouth slipping over me and taking me in. Driving as slow as I possibly could she gentle sucked then let me feels her teeth grind down my shaft. I had to fight the urge to explode, I wanted it to last as long as possible. Soon we were entering Melkbos and had to come to a stop at the traffic light, she lifted her head and looked around. "Naughty boy she exclaimed, you didn't warn me we were at a light!" She yanked my foreskin down so hard it actually hurt but the pain was actually a turn on. She giggled at my jolt saying that served me for being naughty. Right there she went back down on me and took my cock in her mouth sucking as hard as she could and biting hard enough for there to be a just little pain. Her hand clasped my balls and she squeezed them and sucked so hard I could not hold back anymore and started cumming right there before the light turned green.

She just kept sucking and swallowing every last drop out of me as I pulled away. Eventually she sat up and said" You taste delicious, I want more please". We drove through Melkbos all the way to the top of Dynefontuin where I turned onto the West coast Rd back to Table View. Once again she ducked under my left arm and took me in her mouth. Its a busy road and we overtook a few trucks who I am sure could see into the car but this did not stop her. By the time we got to the lights at Blaauwberg Hospital I had cum again. I was in heaven, my legs were shaking and I was on a adrenaline high. We got to my flat. I wanted her to come in, I wanted her so badly, I wanted to taste her, I wanted to make love to her and cum inside her..but alas. She needed to get back to work before her boss started looking for her.