Written by MinglingSingle

12 Mar 2013

I decided to contribute to the stories section

of Swinging Heaven, and therefore give a bit

back to the site that's given me hours and

hours of joy.

This is the story of how I was introduced to

the lifestyle, and the facts that are stated in

this story is 100% accurate and real, as I

have nothing to gain from spreading made up


I take you back to 2008, and I am a 21 year

old single male, fresh out of Varsity and only

recently started my Internship at a Auditing

Firm in George.

Boredom and Curiosity one night got the

better of me and after a couple of hours’

worth of Internet Searches I stumbled onto a

website, I will not name the specific site.

It was a smallish online community of South

Africans with a maximum of 120 people who

was active during any given day.

The site allowed for you to post ads and

search for members who shared the same

interests as you.

I registered my profile but didn't think much

of it, and really didn't expect to get any

interest from the other members.

The next morning whilst logging onto the

site, my inbox indicated 1 New Message.

Utterly bewildered and shocked that I

actually got a message (never mind the fact

that it was only my second day on the site) I

clicked on the little envelope and the short

message appeared on the screen.


Subject: Young Lover Needed

Hi there, and a hearty welcome to the


We are a happily married couple of 45 and 44

years respectively.

It has always been a fantasy of mine to have

a young lover, and my husband have agreed

that we can make this a reality.

Would you be interested in having a meeting

so that we can get to know each other a bit


Please let us know on ... (email address



I must have read that short message at least

a hundred times before it sunk in what it

actually meant.

Roughly 60 km away was a couple that wants

to meet me.

I replied to their email address and we ended

up chatting for the following couple of days

via email.

Discretion was discussed as we were all in

positions where if this should come out in

public it could have dire repercussions on all

of us.

Finally pictures were traded and when I

clicked to open the attachment, I was met by

a gorgeous looking 44 year old blonde lady

wearing a light blue summer's dress.

The pic was taken in the bedroom as she was

lying on the bed, a cup of coffee in her hand

and her legs spread, causing the dress to ride

far up her legs.

She was not wearing anything underneath

the dress and I was greeted with a

wonderfull shaved pussy.

The summer's dress just showed enough

cleavage to let one's imagination wander off.

Needless to say the pic turned this 21 year

old guy on immensely and two pictures were

taken in response, in order for them to see

who they are chatting to.

One face pic and a second of my erect

manhood. I added as a PS in the email that

the second pic was as a result of the pic that

was sent to me.

Now the wife was predominantly the point of

contact and from the get go she was trying to

set up a meeting.

I have to admit that I was trembling, and no,

not from excitement, I was scared shitless

and tried to postpone and postpone the


One day while at work, I quickly log onto my

gmail account and there is another email, but

this time from XXX, the husband, from his

own email address.

The mail basically stated that the ball is now

in my court, and that they have made their

intentions clear. They want to meet and I

should give them an answer whether I want

to meet them by the next day, or else they

will look for another person.

Still being scared as hell, but also not willing

to let this opportunity slip by, I typed my

response in a mail addressed to them both.

So the meeting was scheduled for a

Wednesday, 18:30 at their house in Mossel


Should this story raise enough interest from

the fellow Swinging Heaven members, I will

post the next part, which will include the

actual meeting and events that occurred that


So come on people, please let me know by

means of commenting, whether you would

want to hear more...