Written by muf

11 Nov 2014

I think every one involve in sex where you invite a stranger into your home is frightening.

Then this stranger get invite into your room and personal space. For women into your body and for some men to.

The sexual evolution is another strange phenomenon. You start off with masturbation. Its fun to start with but soon you want more. Your friends joke by saying if you do it with your left hand it feels like some one els wanking you. (It does not work)

Then your first dry hamp with a girl. Wow then wank by n girl en then that girl you will never forget. The one that take your cock into her body for the first time.

Nou the first time feels like a hour but is more like a second. Missionary is fine in the beginning then you try doggi. Then push the girls legs past her ears. Muf licking and sucking.

Soon you buy the book and you realize soon that there is not so many positions as you were told that by moving your leg 2cm that way count as a new position. Now very disappointed you continue with sex because your sex drive is high but you want more.

While you and your wife are happy with your sex life the kids come and both is so tired and soon you look outside the marriage. You love your wife to much to cheat so your thirty's fly bye with 50% wanking and 50% sex.

In your 40s come the fantasies of older women and anal sex too. You google it, look fun, but no women to do it with. So soon you look at the bi life. Join a sight or two lots of talk but no bite. All is couples are scared and you don't want to go with just men. To gay thing I guess.

Now the fact of fucking some one in the ass is not the main goal any more and your willing to do the bending thing for some one to f..... You. Now are you gay????

Nope you still like the female body. You still like to look at curves and cleavage in the shops. You still watch the running ladies and walkers too.

Do you look at guys ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, nope not at all. Are you bi not really. No attraction to men just sex. That's it its just Sex. The route to all that's nice and evil to.

Good luck to what ever your adventure is.