17 Oct 2018

As I browse through all the chats and profiles, feasting on beautiful younger guys, ladies and couples, I can only imagine the connections and encounters happening out there.

Oh to be young again and to experience those carefree days of wild uninhibited sexual contact.

I have had it all and met with some amazing people. Single guys (yes i have add those wild M2M moments), single women, couples and have enjoyed the pleasure of all manner of sexual activity.

But now as I enter my golden years, what was once a raging hard, capable and eager penis has now become yet another appendage attached to my sagging and aging body.

How i long for that sweet caress of a womans' soft hand stroking me all over and the gentle tender kisses as my body thrills to her erotic touch . The desire to be taken into the depths of her moist, warm and silky opening and to feel the heat as she closes over me. The intense need to be held in a passionate embrace as we make sweet passionate love, locked in a sensual coupling .... ohhhh how i miss it.

I can only look back now and replay in my mind all those beautiful magical and exciting moments and reflect on the intense feelings which flowed through my body as ejaculation drew near and erupted in a flow of thick creamy man-juice.

Looking down now at my limp and soft member, I can only wonder if one day I may find someone to once again stir it back to life for one last mind blowing experience.

Growing old is not for the faint of heart!

Enjoy your sex life while you can because the inevitable happens sooner than you think .

Take care all and I hope you have a wonderful day .

Tags: age, confession, craving, desire, feelings