Written by Joe's Tool

16 Mar 2016

After being told that our marriage was stale and the ex wanted a divorce, I could not think about anything else but what was going to happen with my sex life. Strange, as it was already down to only once a week. Friends laughed me when I told them that I had gone onto two dating sites, and was chatting to a few women. I made sure that I did not befriend a widow or a separated woman. I also made it clear to the other ladies that after coming out of a long marriage that I did not want commitment too soon.

Within two weeks I had met a number of ladies online who were as lonely as myself and just needed someone to talk to. We met at restaurants of their choice and found that all they needed was friendship. It got to a stage where I had to write in a diary to keep track of my dates. I checked and found that I had dated 10 different women in 8 consecutive days. Life was starting all over again, but it was killing me being up late and going to work in the mornings.

A few of them stated that they were happy to be friends with fringe benefits. Being a little naive I asked a friend what that meant and could not believe his answer. I contacted them and arranged to meet one at a time to test the offers.

Lucy, who had been divorced for 4 years, was first and when I arrived to take her out she met me at her front door in an over sized t-shirt and I thought that she was still getting ready to go out. She invited me in and offered me a beer and she said that we should rather stay in for the night and that she had prepared snacks. Whilst sitting opposite me, I noticed that her nipples were hard under her t-shirt and could not see any signs of her wearing any underwear.

We went into the kitchen to warm up the snacks and as she walked past me her hand brushed past my stiff dick. She stopped and looked me in the eyes and got straight to the point and told me that she had not had sex in more than 4 years and had intended to get laid that evening and that is why she planned for us to stay in. I almost squirted my load there and then. I told her that I would be more than happy to help her out. She got down on her knees and unzipped my trousers in the kitchen and started to suck on my dick. While sucking on me I managed to take her t-shirt off to reveal her petite body and a fair firm pair of tits and a pair of nipples that were larger than Jelly Tots. I got her to lean on the kitchen counter and started licking her wet cunt from behind. She moaned and groaned for about 5 minutes and then turned around and lay on her back on the counter. With her legs over my shoulder she pulled my mouth back to her soaking pussy. When she came her thighs were squeezing so tight against head I had to pry them loose.

She thanked for reminding her what it was like to come and asked me to please fuck her. No shit Sherlock. I tried to get my cock into that wet pussy but it was too tight. I inserted a finger and could not believe how tight Lucy was. After a few minutes the second finger went in and she started shaking and screaming. Fuck me she came again. Finally I managed to get my cock into her and short fucked her until she loosened up a bit. We fucked for about 20 minutes on the counter and as I was going to shoot my load she started shaking and groaning again. I pulled out, ripped off the condom and sprayed my cum over her belly. I noticed that she was crying and I asked what was wrong. She was concerned that she had such strong orgasms and would not be able to do it again. I told her that I could stay the night and we could work on it. We both came that night or morning and we were totally fucked out. We both phoned in sick and spent the day in her bed exploring one anothers bodies. I must say that I was relieved to leave later that afternoon.

I have visited Lucy a number of times since that awesome evening and we are still the best of fuck buddies when we need each other. Just a phone call away.

I will share the other adventures soon.